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    GroupManager Groups Permissions

    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: PvPGroups

    What I want: i want plugin where player in same group can't kill other player which is in same group well heres example:

    - So if player is in group "Mafia" and other player is in group "Mafia" they can't kill each other,But If player is in group "Mafia" and other is in group "Triads" they can kill each other.

    - I want this plugin when you add permission pvpgroups.Mafia to group "Mafia" then Mafia can't kill Mafia but can kill all other groups,same for Triads or other groups.

    - I want it to be compatible with groupmanager

    Ideas for commands: /pg reload

    Ideas for permissions: pvpgroups.GroupName

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible i need it fast for roleplay i need 1.8.8 version
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    What if someone who has both "pvpgroups.Mafia" and "pvpgroups.Triads" but then tried to attack someone that only had "pvpgroups.Triads"
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    i wont to add both permissions to one group,just one permission to one group that's what i'm looking for

    tried,not working,that's why i asking request for plugin.

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