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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Nefhith, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Does anyone know some cool PvP plugins to give players rewards for killing other players in a certain area? I mean, as if it could be applied to a worldguard region, so there could be PvP in the general world and in the PvP-coloseum, but getting only rewards in the coloseum.

    I know I'm asking something weird, but the PvP plugins I found are to control inventaries, game modes and stuff like that.

    Edit: I forgot the option to teleport the players that want to PvP somewhere and they can't get out until the there is only one alive.
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    If you want players to PvP in arenas and Colosseums with rewards, I think plugins like BattleArena and WAR are your best bet. They include 1v1, TEAM vs TEAM, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatches, etc... and the winners get rewards (that you can easily configure) and such. They're both up-to-date and should work with the latest CraftBukkit (make sure you've got all the required plugins alongside downloading either one of the two plugins above). :D

    As for rewards for PvPing in the general world, I'd check out TopPvP, KillStreak, or PvPRewards. Again, I think the former suggestion is the one you'd like best.
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    looking for the same plugin. please help us
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    Kolugo War seems outdated, but I think I'll TOTALLY try Battlearena, thank you bro!
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