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    Plugins I want

    PvP related

    A version of sKitPvP that automatically loads soup into the players inventory to fill the hotbar, considering the fact that an archer class may have a sword and bow. Speaking of classes, something that allows me to customize classes. A player can choose a class by clicking a sign on the wall. Classes can have potions that will never not go away until they choose another class.

    Command ideas
    /class {classname}
    /ffa - requires 8 players

    CTF related

    A version of CTF with maps that cycle without someone using starting them with a command. I want to be able to customize my classes. If I place a map in my server folder(not the plugin one)titled "CTF_{mapname}" that map will be included in the cycle. If you can create this plugin, send me a message and we can talk about the classes.

    Command ideas
    /class {classname}
    /switch - switches team, as long as there are more players on your team than the other team
    /map {mapname} - changes map, op only

    Adventure map related

    A plugin that adds new adventure maps to a world that are replaced only through an admin using a command. If a map called “ADV_mfn” is placed in the server folder, it will be used on the adventure world. PvP will be disabled on this world.

    Multi-world related

    You can use /pvp, /ctf, /adventure, and /survival to teleport to different worlds. The survival world will be the main spawn.

    Note: Different plugins will be used in different worlds? Is that possible? Anyone who is interested in helping me with one or all of these plugins, message me. If it will require a small payment, we may be able to work that out.

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  2. You should check out my plugin BattleArena, it also has an extension ArenaCTF.

    You can customize classes (and use them through signs), join without an admin starting (changeable in the ArenaCTF config.yml), maps cycle.

    Everything is completely configurable, if you have problems setting it up let me know and I can help you out.

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