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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by BlockHeads36, Aug 30, 2016.

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    @WannabeAProGamer K, do you know when it will be done?

    Edit: Is there any other way to remove the world, and make another without restarting the whole server?
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    Pretty sure MultiVerse has /mvdelete <world>, /mvimport <world> and /mvcreate <world>.

    Not sure if /mvdelete actually deletes the world files themselves, or just removes it from the list of worlds that get loaded.

    Import takes a world folder/file that is not listed in the worlds that get loaded, and imports it into the server, with a custom generator if desired.

    Create simply creates a new world.

    I suspect the easiest approaches are the following:

    -Creating a plugin that stops the server from overwriting on the world file. This may cause some heavy issues with chunks being changed, unloaded, and thus resetting, but if you don't allow blocks to be changed in the game this'll be fine. I don't know if this is possible in itself, but it might. In case it is, you would simply have to /mv unload <world> and then load all the chunks back with /mv load <world>

    -Creating a plugin that deletes the <world> files/folder (preferably only the region files, since keeping scoreboards would be nice), and then copies a fresh <world> folder/region files from a folder in the plugin config folder. This would have to be done asynchronously, since it could crash the server with a large world file.

    -Creating a custom world generator, that builds all the structures you need for your world. Then just /mvdelete <world> and /mvcreate <world> normal -g <pluginname>, to regenerate the world, using the generator.

    -Finding a suitable seed for the game you want to host, and having the hub and lobby in another world. When the game is over, simply delete and create a new world with the same name and seed.

    To be entirely honest, I didn't read the first page of this thread, so this may be off-topic. But still, those are the ways I know of, that allow you to recreate worlds for minigames, without restarting the server.
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    @9UjtOAtcBA Multiverse will remove the world from its list, but it doesn't completely remove the world, you can still get it by doing /mvimport <name>
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    People! Be patient! Minigames are hard ;)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Rayzr522 You do know that he hasn't been online for almost 3 weeks right?
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    Nope. But my statement still stands ;) minigames ARE hard.

    That's a bummer though... hopefully he comes back soon. If not then maybe he had the code on GitHub. At least then someone could pick up where he left off.
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    @Rayzr522 I do know that they are hard to make, but he was giving me updates, then he stopped. :'(
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    Yeah, it sucks... Hopefully he comes back soon :p

    After a short GitHub search I did not find this project. Doesn't mean he doesn't have it on GitHub, but I just didn't find it. If he ends up telling you that he isn't going to work on this anymore, then please ask him to post it on GitHub so other people can continue it.
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  13. I haven't had much time lately so I had to slow down working on it for a while. Gonna get back to working on it now, though ^-^
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  15. And an update on what I need to do:
    - test lynching
    - test dead chat
    - fix vampire night effects
    - fix phase cycle
    - add actionbar day/night countdown
    - add whispering
    - (add world generation)
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    @WannabeAProGamer I do have a plugin that allows me to set a CustomTime cycle, if that could make it any easier.

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    What happened to everyone? ;-; I was looking forward to this
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  19. To do:
    -Lynching: change limit to once a day (oops)
    -Lynching: stop night lynching (oops)
    -Lynching: change "majority has voted" to "majority has voted on one person" (oops)
    -Lynching: remove selflynching (OOOOOPS)
    -Vampire: fix night effects
    -Whispering: add
    -Winning: add mechanism to stop a game when won
    -Admin commands: add one to forcestop a game

    The lack of a winning mechanism was causing the issues with day/night cycle before
    Also, sorry for slow progress. The plugin wasn't working and it took me like ages to realize that there was a ":" missing in the plugin.yml file
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    I'm starting up a server where I'm going to develop custom gamemodes. it won't be soon since there's already a list, but I could probably do something like this, not going to just copy town of salem and mafia though, probably add my own spin on it while keeping the feel of the game there still.
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  22. Lynching issues and whispering should have been fixed, will test tomorrow
    /forcestop has been added and works
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  24. To do:

    - Fix the vampire abilities (only thing I still have to fix for those is the duration)
    - Release v0.1
  25. I would love to be able to create something like this, alas my current ability is only at the basic stuff. But I love ToS and would love this to be finished development. Do you have github where I could take alook at the source code? I would love to learn how these big plugins are put together.
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    @WannabeAProGamer So I am guessing not much longer?
    Thank you so much by the way!!!
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