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    Plugin category: Mechanics/Fun

    Minecraft version: Minecraft [1.10]

    Suggested name: Mafia Town and Vampire

    What I want:
    I would like a minigame plugin where there are Vampires, Townies, and the Mafia fighting it out in a normal survival world.

    Day and Night Effects:

    At night:
    - Players cannot talk in chat
    - Vampires gain Jump boost 2 and speed 2
    - PvP is on
    - Vampires can bite
    - Mafia can kill
    - Whispering is on
    Whispering (open)

    When you are whispered to: &8[&7Whisper&8] &f%Player &7whispers to you&8: &c<message>
    When you whisper to someone: &8[&7Whisper&8] &7You whisper to &f%player &8: &c<message>
    When a player whisper to someone: &8[&7Whisper&8] &f%Player1 &7whispers to &fPlayer2

    - Voting for lynch is off
    - Private role chat is on
    - Players receive a message saying:
    "&8[&6Game&8] &7It is now night, &8Vampires &7can bite and &cMafia&7 can kill."
    At day:
    - Players can talk in chat
    - Vampires loose Jump boost and speed
    - PvP is off
    - Vampires cannot bite
    - Mafia cannot kill
    - Whispering is on
    - Voting for lynch is on
    - Private role chat is off
    - Players receive a message saying:
    "&8[&6Game&8] &7It is now day, use &6/vote <username> &7to vote for the player would like to execute."

    Starting the game: I use Multiverse Core!
    At the start of ever hour (1:00, 2:00, etc.) a world will be created called "Game"
    The worldborder is set to 1000 and the world seeds will be listed in the config.
    The game will not start if:
    - There are less then 4 people on
    At the start players receive a random role
    Message: &8[&7Role&8] &7You have received the role, &f%Role&7.
    All players are teleported to a random place in the map.

    Ending the game:
    A team can win by being the last team still alive. [Last team alive wins]
    No one is bitten or dies in 2 days. [Results in a tie]
    Both players die at the same time. [Results in a tie]
    Or the game goes over 45 minutes long. [Results in a tie]
    Win/Tie Message (open)

    Game lasts 45 minutes:
    &8[&6Game&8] &7Game has lasted &f45 Minutes&7 forcing game to end...

    Both player die at the same time:
    &8[&6Game&8] &7Both players died at the same time.
    Last role standing
    &8[&6Game&8] &7The game has ended, the [Role Here(&2Town/&cMafia/&8Vampires)] wins!
    The World "Game is deleted" and the server restarts (the command restart is entered in the console)

    How players die/get bitten:
    Players can die when they are executed, killed by mafia, or killed by mobs, drowing, etc.
    Player can be bitten by vampires at night when they are punched by a vampire.
    Player leaves the server and does not back for 1 minute.
    Death Messages (open)

    Death message if you are killed by the mafia:
    &8[&7Death&8] &f%Player &7has been killed by a member of the &cMafia&7. There role was &2%Role
    Death message if you are killed by fall damge, creeper, hunger etc.:
    &8[&7Death&8] &f%Player &7has died from an unknown cause&7. There role was &2%Role
    Death message if a mafia member is bitten by a vampire:
    &8[&7Death&8] &f%Player &7has been bitten by a &fVampire&7. There role was &2%Role
    ^ Mafia dies if bitten by a vampire.
    If you are bitten by a vampire:
    &8[&7Vampire&8] &fVampires &7have bitten a player, no one else can be bitten tonight.
    Death message if you are lynched:
    &8[&7Death&8] &f%Player &7has been lynched. There role was &2%Role
    Killed by a town member:
    &8[&7Death&8] &f%Player &7has been killed by a &aTown Member&7. There role was &2%Role
    Using /quit or left the server for too long:
    &8[&7Death&8] &f%Player &7has commit suicide.

    Team Switching/Joining:
    Players can only join a team/different team when; the game starts or they are bitten by a vampire.
    Team Switch Message (open)

    If you are bitten by a vampire:
    &8[&7Team&8] &7You have been bitten by a vampire. Use &6/vampire chat&7 to talk to them.

    Ideas for commands and permissions:
    All Alive, InGame players
    - /whisper <player> <message> ~ Sends a private message to the player [/msg and /tell can be used too]
    - /vote <player> ~ Vote for a player to be lynched, 75% of players are needed for the player to be executed.
    - /quit ~ Instantly kills the player
    Commands for just Town
    - none
    Commands for just Vampires
    - /vampire chat ~ Sends a message to all alive Vampires
    Commands for just Mafia
    - /mafia chat ~ Sends a message to all alive Mafia members


    - Cannot attack each other.
    - Have a "&8[&7Vampire&8]" suffix in tab. [Only Vampires can see]
    - Wooden swords hurt them as much as an iron sword.
    - Cannot attack each other.
    - Have a "&8[&cMafia&8]" suffix in tab. [Only Mafia members can see]
    - Can attack each other at night
    - Have a "&8[&aTown&8]" Suffix in tab. [Only you can see]
    Dead: (This isn't a real role, I just thought I should put it here)
    - Private chat with just the dead players
    - Are in spectator mode
    - Cannot use the private chat command
    - Cannot use the /whisper comand

    Extra Info:

    - 1 Day cycle is 2 Minutes long
    - 1 Night cycle is 5 Minutes long
    - Time left remaining until the morning/night is in the action bar:
    "&cTime Left: &7%Minutes&8:&7Seconds"
    Amount of each role:
    - 4 Players game = 2 Town, 1 Vampire, 1 Mafia
    - 5 Player game = 4 Town 1 Vampire, 2 Mafia
    - 6 Player game = 4 Town, 2 Vampires, 3 Mafia
    - 7 Player game = 5 Town, 2 Vampires, 3 Mafia

    When I'd like it by: Whenever is convenient for you

    Overview (open)
    The game starts top of the hour, players get a role, a survival map is made, picks a random seed from the config, (Worldborder is 1000) On the first day you cannot lynch, when night comes Vampires try to find, and bite a player, (If they do not bite someone its okay) also mafia tries to find and kill a player. Once day comes, players can vote to lynch someone, (Players do not have to lynch someone everyday. If a certain role wins, and someone that was in that role died (Mafia wins, however 1 of them died before the end.) They will also win with the mafia.
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  2. Oooooh Town of Salem in Minecraft... I can make that
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  4. I'm about to test the role randomization and chat... but these don't really add up... Should it be like this?
    - 5 Player game = 2 Town, 1 Vampire, 2 Mafia
    - 6 Player game = 2 Town, 2 Vampires, 2 Mafia
    - 7 Player game = 3 Town, 2 Vampires, 2 Mafia

    If not, please tell me what it should be.
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    @WannabeAProGamer Ohhh whoops, there should usually be more town then vampires, and mafia someone in the middle. [Because vampires can instantly kill someone] So a 4 player game would be 2 town 1 vamp 1 mafia

    Here are some seeds by the way:

    Edit: It would be cool to have a border shrinking, just so its hard for people to find each other
    Maybe the border shrinks from 1000 - 100 blocks in 40 minutes
    Death Message: &8[&7Death&8] &f%Player &7has died from an unknown cause&7. There role was &2%Role
    Maybe disable all the commands when a player is in the game
    Also maybe add a /spectate command [For players not in the game]
    This would add them to the dead team (Just in spectator mode and that)
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  6. Something like I just said would be okay then, right?

    EDIT: Or maybe this?
    P | T | V | M
    4 | 2 | 1 | 1
    5 | 2 | 1 | 2
    6 | 3 | 1 | 2
    7 | 3 | 2 | 2
    8 | 3 | 2 | 3
    9 | 4 | 2 | 3
    10 | 4 | 3 | 3
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    @WannabeAProGamer Yeah that looks good, In config, could you make it so if the player is in a certain role, then they are teleported in the game (If the player is in the spawn world, then they aren't teleported into the game)
  8. I'm making it so players can join a lobby, and when all players decide they are ready to start/decide there are enough players the game starts, at which point the players are spread across the map and are given roles.

    So this won't automatically happen, because that's something you want on your server while other server owners will probably want it differently. You can still get players to join at those times, though.

    Also, do you mean that like it slowly shrinks, so it would be 550 in 20 minutes, or instantly when at 40?
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    @WannabeAProGamer So, meaning I set a lobby, and when it reaches a certain point of player (4) the game will count down?

    When the game starts (timer hits 0 if that is what you mean), all players are teleported to a random location and are given there roles at that time too,
  10. Yes, and if all players use /ready before the timer hits 0 the game will start sooner
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    @WannabeAProGamer Yeah I mean the border shrinks slowly, sorry.

    So when 4 Players join, a 30 second timer will start? Correct?

    And yes the /ready sound like it would be nice to have.
  12. I think it'll be 60 seconds. Just to give more players the chance to join. If people want to start sooner they can just /ready
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    Wish I could help make this in some way q.q
  15. Well you can add suggestions, and I'm going to need testers soon. PvP games can't really be tested by one person.
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    @WannabeAProGamer So around when would we have to test? Any particular time you have set?
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    Anyone doing this? I might pick it up.
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    I would like to help out also if possible :) Sounds great
  24. Current progress:
    • Chat done
    • Giving roles done
    • Vampire infection and effects done (need to test)
    • Death message done (need to test)
    • Border TODO
    • No pvp at day TODO
    • /vote TODO
    • World creation and lobby TODO

    As soon as I've tested Death message and Vampire stuff and made & tested the TODO stuff (except world creation and lobby) it can be tested for balance and functioning in a full game! Also, the TODO stuff is not even half as hard as what I've already done ^-^
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  26. Update:
    • Vampire stuff - will look into it tomorrow
    • Death message - works! NOTE: I just noticed I need to make death chat
    • Border - works!
    • No day pvp - TODO
    • /lynch - TODO
    • World creation and lobby - TODO
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    @WannabeAProGamer Also, if could you use the worldgaurd pvp flag to turn pvp off and on?
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  30. Haven't had much time past few days. Will probably be able to continue this Sunday, maybe tomorrow
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