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    Plugin category: PvP

    Suggested name: PvPKillstreaks

    What I want: Custom commands that can be used when certain killstreaks are reached, but what's new is that you can increase the amount of cash they receive.
    For e.g.,

    Player1 gets 5 killstreak, he now gains $6 instead of $5 per kill, but this extra buff to kill reward is REMOVED upon death (goes back to $5).

    The money gained per kill should also be built into the plugin, with permissions for different group so if a diamond member gets a killstreak, he can gain an extra +2 cash and if a bronze member gets it, he only gets an extra +1.

    I'd also like variables like $playerName and $killStreak.

    Ideas for commands:
    /killstreak (player)
    /resetkillstreak (player)
    /topkillstreaks (Lists top killstreaks)

    Ideas for permissions: (Look at commands)

    There's a lot of killstreak plugins, but I found none allow me to give a buff and remove it upon death, and have a built in cash system.
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    I will attempt to make this, doesn't seem to difficult.
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    no1mann Thanks for your consideration, looking forward to it.

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