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    Obviously pvp is most fun when you kill an opponent and take their stuff.

    Whats not fun is rage quitting because thats the 5th+ time you lost all your hard work in a short period of time.

    What this plugin does:
    - When a player kills another player, instead of all the items dropping for the killer to take, the plugin instead randomly takes a configured number of items from the victim and drops it where the victim died.

    - The plugin can be setup to drop a a preset number of random items on death, a percentage of random items dropped on death, or a chance to drop between a small number and high number of items on death.

    - By random items, I mean the plugin takes random items from the victim and leaves it where they died.

    - Plugin should also work with Iconomy and allow players to take some of the victims cash, again this could be a preset amount taken or a percentage taken.

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