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    Plugin category: PVP

    Suggested name: ItemLevel

    What I want:

    Basically, a RPG plugin that you earn levels by killing other players, as you level up, you change your prefix.

    When you level up, you earn buff`s, like more life, more damage, more defence.

    All made by algorithms, that i have already witten here.

    The algorithms are:
    Leveling UP
    Adding Dmg per level
    Adding Defense per level
    Bonus for killing other lvl players Algorithm
    Per Rank Dmg/Defence bonus(Remember 5 lvls = 1 Rank)
    Also, skim-reading is much easier with paragraphs!

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    Leveling UP:
    50 Exp per-kill

    Formula (in exp): (2 * current level) + (current level/2) * 50

    Ex lvl 10: (2 * 10) + (5) * 50
    25 * 50 = 1250

    lvl 11: (2 * 11) + (5,5) * 50
    27,5 * 50 = 1375

    So basically: (2 * current level) + (current level/2) this is the number of kills you need to lvl UP


    Adding Dmg per level:

    Wood and Gold Algorithm: (anterior lvl + 5%)
    Knowing that wood default dmg is 4:
    Ex, lvl 0: (0 + 5%) = 5%
    lvl 1: (4,2 = 5%) = 4,4

    Stone Algorithm: (anterior lvl + 4%)

    Iron Algorithm: (anterior lvl + 3%)

    Diamond Algorithm: (anterior lvl + 3%)


    Adding Defense per level:

    Leather: (anterior lvl + 4%)

    Gold: (anterior lvl + 3%)

    Chain: (anterior lvl + 2%)

    Iron: (anterior lvl + 1,5%)

    Diamond: (anteiror lvl + 1%)


    Per Rank Dmg/Defence bonus:

    PS: Remember 5 lvls = 1 Rank
    PS2: It goes till Lord, than Lord+, Lord++, ...

    Algorithm For Damage: (Player Rank/2 + 2,5%)

    Algorithm For defence: (Player Rank/2 + 1,5%)


    0 - Newbie
    1 - Adventure
    2 - Guard
    3 - Right-Hand
    4 - Sor
    5 - Lord
    6 - Imagination ends here
    7 - ...

    Player XP Gain Algorithm

    Player A has 500 xp and is level 5
    Player B has 1250 xp and is level 10

    if player A killed player B than

    Player A gains 50 xp
    Player B loses 50 xp

    however for defeating someone of a higher level player A gets bonus XP
    player B's xp which is 1250 devided by (playerB's level / playerA's level) x10

    So for example

    1250 / 2 x .10 = 62.5

    So all together Player A recieves 112.5 xp because he defeated a much tougher opponent.
    If you kill an opponent of lower level than you only recieve 50 xp no bonus xp.

    Killing an opponent twice in a two only give you half xp and 3 times in a row no xp. This is for no fake accounts

    Ideas for commands:

    For Players:
    /level - shows the person`s level and the ammount of exp to level up
    /status - shows the person`s status (+hearts + life +defence) it will show how much of each the person has

    For admins:
    /itemlevel give [player] [material] [armor/weapon/tool] [level]
    ex: /itemlevel give john diamond chestplate level 10
    /itemlevel addexp [player] [quantity] - quantity of exp to geive to a player in case he buys Vip xD

    Ideas for permissions:

    itemlevel.use (includes /status and /level)
    itemlevel.admin (all commands)

    When I'd like it by:

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    My mother always told me "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." Heroes does everything you asked for with a couple of minor tweaks.

    Why do you keep asking for people to make plugins that are pre-existing, and they only need tiny tweaks in order to fit your needs? Unfortunately, there isn't much support for RPG servers when it comes to Bukkit plugins. If you really want to make your RPG server the way you want it, you need to learn to program. None of the request forum lurkers are going to want to invest too much time in a plugin, especially if it or something similar has already been made, unless you really get lucky and find someone very generous. - I'm speaking from experience here, but it's also my opinion -

    If you want to add bonus damage and defense to heroes classes, ask for a plugin that does this with permission nodes and assign them with Heroes' permission-skills option. It's easy and effective. Infact, I would like a plugin to do this too, as it would be a great addition to my server as well.
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    I need this Plugin, if anyone can make it...

    timtower ?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Can anyone help me?
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    Please someone do that.

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