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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by luckybowers, Dec 27, 2014.

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    Plugin Category: Economy, Fun, Role-Play

    Suggested Name: Invictus Duels (Invictus meaning unconquered, the unbeaten)

    What I Want: a player would right click a sign and opens a gui with 2 options: Public Duels | Create New Duel if u select create new duel, it opens another menu in which u can select which weapon u want you and your opponent to have in the duel.

    Once the player has clicked a weapon, the next gui menu is to select what level of sharpness enchantment to be added to the weapon, (a line of nine enchanted books of levels 0 - 8), once selected a level of sharpness, the next gui menu is a row of bows, the first with no enchants, and then a list going from Power 1 - 7, at the end of the row there is a gray dye item which can be select to have no bow in the duel.

    After a bow has been selected, or the no bow option has been clicked, the player can choose from a row of chest plates representing the armour (diamond, iron, chain, gold, leather), a player selects one and then is taken to the next gui menu, which allows them to choose what level of Protection enchantment to add to the armor, (a row of enchanted books ranging from enchantment level 0-8 of protection). once selected a level of protection, a similar window comes up, but this time to select what level of unbreaking to be added to the armour.

    After an unbreaking enchantment level has been selected, a GUI menu comes up that lets the player select how many God Apples should each player have in the duel (3 rows starting at 1, then going 2 and from then on going up in 2’s all the way up to 50) at the end there shiould be gray die to select the option of no God Apples, once and option has been selected, the next GUI menu is exact same, but for selecting Golden Apples, not God Apples. (the non-enchanted ones)

    The next GUI window is to select how many splash healing potions, (same layout as Golden apples and god apples), the next GUI window lets players chose how many strength potions each players should have (1,2 or 3), also a gray die option for no strength potions. next GUI menu is same, but to select how many speed potions.

    There is then a GUI menu in which players can select what map they would like to play on, once a map has been selected, the player is given 2 options: Public Duel or Select by Name.

    If public duel is selected then the duel that has just been created will be available for people to join via the Public Duels menu on the first GUI after clicking the sign. if choose by name is selected, then the player will be able to type the name of another player in an isolated chat, and the target player will be sent a duel request, which can be accepted by them.

    After the duel has been either chosen from the public duels menu, or the targeted opponent has accepted the request, both players are teleported into the chosen arena and they can fight. once 1 player dies, they are both teleported to a specific coordinated, (the main lobby where the duel sign is) and the winner has $2 added to their in game balance and the loser has $1 moved form their balance, unless their balance is $0.

    Ideas For Commands:
    /duel accept - allows players to accept a duel request
    /duel deny - allows players to deny a duel request

    Ideas For Permissions:
    iduels.sign - permissions that allows a player to use the duels sign (not really needed)

    When I'd Like It By: By the end of January would be great, however if u can make this plugin, then whenever it can be done by would be great!
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    no, because that plugin does not allow players to choose what they want in the duels through the selection process, nor does it teleport the players to the arenas. are u interested in making this plugin ClashOfClansLover101?
  3. @luckybowers It is a great plugin, however I am not able to code that at present (cant code yet :p but im learning), and I am presently working on my own server network, however I will be always willing to help others if they need links or info

    However, with chestcommands gui, you can add more commands to the items to teleport them to the arena and give kits if that is what you were talking about
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    but chest commands wouldn't give both players the kits, neither would it allow for the sending of duel requests or public duels
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    @ClashOfClansLover101 no I already tried that plugin in the past I hate it I want a plugin that lets you customize it.
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    I will start making it but I can't guarantee I will finish.
  8. I've personally coded something like this. However, I used different methods to select the amounts such as Sharpness & the type of sword. This might be a good idea! I used left click to switch through swords, and right click to switch to enchantment levels, this would update the description of the item (I'll make a gif of this). I won't code it for you though, sorry! It took me a while to code this for my server (it's used for 1v1's), and I don't have enough time to do it again. Although, a month should be enough for someone to code it. Good luck finding someone!

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    This is cool I think I'll probably implement this while making the plugin
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    wow, thanks so so much!!! I hope you do manage to finish! Would be great!
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