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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by CadillacClobber, Dec 25, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Duels

    Suggested name: ThePvpDuels

    What I want: Okay I don't know if you have ever played LichCraft duels but they have a server that when you click a sign that reads [Duel] it pops up an inventory GUI. That lets you select the armor you want then moves you to what protection to then what unbreaking. Then the same for tools and stuff but with sharpness. If the duel is accepted then they are tped to an arena. Then there is also a [Ranked Duel] which the players can join it and if there is another one wanting to do one then it tps them to an arena and the winner gets 3% of the other players rank points. Such as a prefix. Ill provide some screen shots also. In a ranked duel you cannot customize your kit. But please leave a config file so I can set the sharpness and protection I want for a Ranked Duel.

    Here is a video to show what I mean:

    Ideas for commands: /duel accept {Player} , /duel {Player} /duel deny {Player} /duel arenaset [Need to implement World Edit.]

    Ideas for permissions: ThePvpDuels.duel.accept, ThePvpDuels.challenge

    When I'd like it by: January 3rd or earlier.
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    This seems a lot like kit pvp? Maybe try kit pvp.
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    **Please Lock This Thread**
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    Locked on request.

    Please use the report button for things like this.
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