PVP doesn't work on my server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by omgitsmewazap, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Hey, trying to setup hunger games and PVP world on my server but PVP doesn't work. I think it's been like this from the start, we tried making a PVP arena in the main world and it wouldn't work. We then set a region __global__ and that didn't change the main world but changed the nether world. How can I make the main world and neather no PVP? Thanks
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    Check in your MultiVerse configuration file, you can enable and disable PVP per world (this overrides the server.properties)
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    I did, PVP is enabled in the new worlds and nothing has changed :/
  4. Make sure people have the modifyworld.* permission node or they won't be able to interact anything including PVP.
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    Yeah they have that permission

    Anyone else have an idea? Or at least how to select a whole world with worldedit/guard, I could then set the servers properties to PVP, and then flag the nether and normal world to no PVP. But I have no idea how to select the whole world, I think __global__ is the original world but anyone know what the nether world would be?

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    Anyone got any idea? Please really want this sorted :/
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    Still need help
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