[PvP] Disconnecting while being attacked

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by haiyyu, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Hi guys.

    I'm currently playing on a PvP server and we're having one big problem.
    Many players just disconnect when someone attacks them.
    Is there a plugin which removes the player from the world 25 seconds after his disconnect or something like this?
    This would be really useful.
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    What about a disconnect cooldown? after being hit they have to wait 10 or so seconds to be able to leave
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    Yeah, that would also work.
    But then again this would need a plugin to let their player stay on the server for 10 seconds if they disconnect.
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    No Just stop them from leaving the game
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    And how would you do that?
    You can't really proof if someone disconnected within 10 seconds after he took damage.
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    You can stop it from happening the disconnect button wont do anything
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    If it's possible to block the disconnect button, people can still click X...
    Btw, if someone disconnects by an error (such as closing the window), can you still hit him then?
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    My idea: Ban people which do this.
  9. I had a look into this and there is no way to stop a person from leaving. I have another idea though; you could have it that if a person takes damage and then disconnects, they can't rejoin for a set amount of time? :)
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    My server has this problem also. Most players just leave a pool of lava on their disconnect location, but then they fail to get that persons inventory.

    Simple Solution 1:
    1. Is it possible to determine if a player is taking damage from another player rather than a natural source like a fall?
    2. If it is possible, a plugin will flag this player as "under attack" for X amount of time.
    3. If under attack = true & the player loses connection (for any reason, disconnect or program close), they are killed and their inventory drops at that location.
    4. This could potentially create a few false positives when a player's client crashes during a fight... but for the most part would work.

    Simple Solution 2:
    1. Use the "under attack" flag as mentioned above.
    2. Instead of killing the player after connection loss, add "1 point" to their "fight dodger" status.
    3. Players with a dodger rating of a certain level would receive a penalty of some kind, like half health max until their status is reset from death or by getting a kill.
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    I will be adding a feature to my plugin PvPReward, which causes the player who disconnected while in combat to drop all their items and lose some money
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    That's cool, thanks for your answers.
    However we don't want to use some money system, so I'd be highly delighted if someone could try and create a plugin which kills the player if he disconnects during a fight.
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    Unless you are somehow able to force the server to keep the character in game and attackable for x seconds after disconnecting or otherwise losing connection, I don't see how these plugins could work very well.
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    I'd like to resurrect this thread. Has anything happened in the last six months re: a plugin to make player inventories drop upon disconnection?
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    I suppose its possible to clear inventory upon attack. But drop? Not sure.
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    I stumbled upon this today. It does the drop, apparently, but I think it needs to be updated. Is the "1000" the version of craftbukkit it's meant to be used with?
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    Someone once posted a pull request which does this think. If someone disconnects, a "ghost" of him will stay for a while, and if slayn: Poof! Diamondez =D
    But I can't find it right now, I think it might have been removed.
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    You may not need this info anymore, because this thread is old, but a plugin that does what you are after, is called combattag. Just search for it in the bukkit plugin list.

    I am familiar with this server, and they have a lot of great plugins which they keep private to their server because they code them themselves. I would really want some of theirs, and i love their plugin ideas, but its quite hard to because they don't give their plugins out to others.

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    That's pretty close to what I'm after. Will check it out. But ideally the inventory needs to drop always, regardless of the method of disconnection.

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