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    Plugin category: Not sure what to put It in really

    Suggested name: ICYOUPVP

    What I want: Hey:
    so i come to you today with a plugin request
    a plugin that yes will take some amazing patience
    and possible outstanding outcomes a Plugin that
    when a Player(s) Combat Tags another Player(s)
    it Records A Spectator view of the player(s) Pvping
    I Guess if its possible the recordings would be saved
    in a folder in the plug-in folder

    Ideas for commands: Not Sure About Command Would Kinda Need To Be Auto Run When A Player Combat Tags Another Only Comand Usefull i can think of is /combatrecord [Player] And Be Able To See Or Select Diffrent / All The Players Battles (Not Really A biggy )

    Ideas for permissions: Could Be a permission to bypass being recorded

    When I'd like it by: I Mean A Plugin Like This Would Assume Take Some Time So I Mean If Its Even Possible Within A Year :D Would Be Great
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    @PENGUllN How would you playback the recording to watch ?
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    @Rahat t It Would Have A Folder In Which Would Store The Recordings ? i would assume ?
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