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    Category: PVP with ranks kind of

    Idea for name: I cant think of a name like PVPRanks or RankPVP or RankArenas i dont really know

    You might need to kind of an experienced coder for this maybe

    Can someone make a plugin so you can make your own arenas and have players get their own supplies and fight in arenas and when players fight in them and win they get added points and if they lose they get deducted points and they can only fight in arenas with their point range so people with more skill and supplies can fight the same type of people so its fair and they get grouped with some same skill people and fight the same skill people and if they win they get some money or items.If you have a lot of skill and you come on the server you can easily beat all the people with less skill and move on to a better arena to fight better people with the same skill and you cant go back to the lower arena unless you lose points because you have more points that the point range of the lower arena. Sorta like clash of clans. If you have time maybe add buffs for the players they can buy in the shop

    So if you dont understand this then here is a bad chart thing
    [Player joins server that is good at pvp]
    Player fights in arena 1 with skill range 0-100 and wins X amount of times to gain more than 100 points (note that the player can only fight in arena one because he does not have enough skill to fight in arena 2)
    Player has more than 100 points so he cannot go back to arena 1 unless he loses points while fighting in arena 2. The point range for arena 2 is 100-300. He gets more than 300 points by fighting and goes on to 4
    and so on

    Note that when a player beats a player in a arena they get a reward like money or items and each tier of arena has better rewards

    Note that you do not get items when you fight you need to acquire your own items you might want to enable/disable this maybe

    Note that the player gets paired with others with the same skill and points as him to form a small team that fights another team

    you might want this to be dependent on worldedit

    /rarena delete [name] - deletes protected arena area and tells user if there is arena with same name (admin)
    /rarena create [name] [point range ex. 0-100] - creates a arena and protects the area of the arena they have selected with worldedit from bedrock to sky and sets the point range to that arena and tells user to select a region if they have not and prevents mob spawning and item drops in that area (admin)
    /rarena delspawn - deletes spawnpoint (admin)
    /rarena spawn list - lists defined spawns (admin)
    /rarena spawn [team red or blue] - creates spawn points for red and blue teams (admin)
    /rarena buffs - lists your buffs and if none tells where to buy with custom message
    /rarena buffs use [buff] - uses your buff on the next game you join
    Note that a list of all buffs and descriptions should be in the shop or on the buycraft shop

    /rarena rename [arena] [newname] - rename a arena and tells user if there is one with the same name (admin)
    /rarena help - lists all commands
    /rarena points - list your points and what arena you can use
    /rarena setpoints [add/set/deduct] [player] [points] (admin)
    /rarena reward [arena] <$money amount> <item id:amount:data> - sets the reward for a arena
    /rarena [enable/disable] - enables or disables a arena

    should be rarena.[command] and rarena.player and rarena.admin for player and admin commands

    rarena.join - allows players to join arenas
    rarena.spectate - allows players to spectate
    rarena.bypass - lets players join whatever arena even though they dont have the right point amout

    buffs cannot be edited by user since they do not know how to code but can be disabled/enabled in config Have fun coding the buffs :p

    number of team members can be set

    delay before a player can join another arena in a hour to prevent them from joining without gaining more supplies and skill and only counts when they are online

    seconds before the game starts and players are tped back to team spawnpoints note that when a player joins it waits another specified amount of time to wait for players to join in that time players can move but are invincible and do not lose hunger

    please add signs here is a diagram of what you type on the sign to create it it

    line2[arena name]

    Heres what it says when its done (not what player has types it automatically switches to this or says invalid arena of they type a arena that doesn't exist)

    line1[Rank Arena]
    line2[Players ex. 14/20]
    line3[Point range ex 200-400]


    If you have time just make this kinda fast but if you want to take your time thats fine if you dont just wait like 3 months to code one line

    i hope this isnt considered a huge request im just kinda helping you if you want to code it

    If you have more questions about this ask me
    Thanks for reading I hope someone can make this :3
    If you like my idea please say so :)
    I hope i didnt type all this for nothing D:

    bump :(

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