Inactive [PVP] Anti-Relog v2.0 - A Light-Weight PVP Plugin that Prevents Cheating![1.3.1-R1.0]

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    nah its in online mode, and the plugin just doesn't seem to activate if you hit someone then do /ar t
    it just says your not in combat
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    great idea mate
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    Hey, Love the idea and it works, but whenever someone pvp logs my server window goes crazt with stuff like this..


    Please help quick, its causing serious issues! Thanks!

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    r0306 Thanks a ton! great plugin!
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    Np. :)
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    This won't kill players just for logging out while taking damage, only logging out while in combat with a player right?
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    Not unless the source of the damage is from another player or monsters (if MobLogger is turned on). Otherwise, if they simply fall from a height or suffocate, then the answer is no, they won't be killed.
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    kk. Is there a crash detect too? Like, if someone crashes mid pvp they don't die and get tempbanned?
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    That depends on the message that shows up on the console. If the reason for player disconnect was Quit or EndOfStream, then the plugin bans the player. If the reason was Connection Overload or TimeOut, then no.
  11. Can you add multi world support please :]
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    Ok. Do you mean like only enabling PVP logging in a certain world?
  13. Yes, because I've got 3 maps and at 2 pvp is disabled but still when someone hit another player they can't use /home or /spawn. So it would be really great if you add multi world support.
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    This seems really good. I'll be using it on my server when it's running!
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    • Adding an Npc when a player logs without banning
    • Logging all Combat on a Document in the Plugins Folder
    • Jailing the player instead of banning for full RPG game-play
    • Disable Cmds when in combat and having a Cool down after
    Thanks for reading, Please take note these suggestion, total up to you to use love the plugin! :)
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    Hi. Some of these suggestions are already implemented in the plugin such as the disabling of commands. I do log all the pvp logging in a file named PVP Bans.txt in the root of the server folder. As for NPCs, I will look into that later on as the plugin becomes more stable as those tend to be more glitchy. I am considering adding an option to jail the players and might add it by the next update so stay tuned. :)
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    Great thanks for the reading, i will definitely use this plugin, it has great features and soon to be one of the best pvp plugins out there. Good work!
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    1.6 version released on dev.bukkit ;D

    I have requested the NPC idea myself. And he said he is looking to implement it.

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    Is this ever gonna be updated to be compatiable for 1.3.1?
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    Version 2.0 Works with bukkit 1.3.1
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    The NPCs Aren't working in 1.3.2 NoLagg Conflicts
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    can u make it so with factions the npc can't die in a safezone
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    can u fix the bug that my players are doing? i block /home but if they have multiples homes, they do /home "home name" and they're teleported in combat
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    i have been getting this error since update.
    9:23:01 AM
    [WARNING] [AntiRelog] Task #14 for AntiRelog v2.0.0 generated an exception
    9:23:01 AM
    [WARNING] [AntiRelog] Task #14 for AntiRelog v2.0.0 generated an exception
    9:23:01 AM
    is there going to be a 1.4.* release soon :)

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