Application Put your server to rest with SleepingServerStarter.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Vincs, Dec 15, 2015.

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    Put your minecraft server to rest, while SleepingServerStarter is watching ! Save power, save the world !

    What it does :

    • Listen on the same port as your minecraft server.
    • When someone connects, exit and launch your minecraft server.
    • When server is stopping (by EmptyServerStopper by example), watch until someone reconnects.
    Based on :

    With an original idea from

    Require : NodeJs (^v5.*) & NPM

    Install :

    • Download this repository as zip.
    • Unzip it at your minecraft's root.
    • Launch "npm install", to restore the needed package.
    • Start using "node sleepingServerStarter.js".
    Use WebServer for dynmap :

    • You need to change your configuration from class: org.dynmap.InternalClientUpdateComponent to class: org.dynmap.JsonFileClientUpdateComponent (comment all the section InternalClientUpdateComponent and uncomment JsonFileClientUpdateComponent).
    • Chat will not work when hosted by mcsleepingserverstarter. For a full compatibilty, you can use apache.
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    Mrs. bwfctower

    @Vincs What are the benefits to using this? If nobody is online, the server doesn't use much of the computer's resources, and now you're just adding another server that runs in addition to the Bukkit server when people are on the server.
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    With this server, it takes very few ressources, and no access to the disk, so my NAS could hibernate.

    When someone connects, it shutdown the NodeJs server and launch minecraft's server. Then when the minecraft's server shuts it self with EmptyServerStopper, NodeJs server takes it back and so on. So there is never two server running at the same time (couldn't be as they are listening on the same port).
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Vincs And how much times does it take?
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    It takes to do what ? I don't understand your question...
    To shutdown and start minecraft server, it depends of your server I guest.
    To shutdown and start the NodeJS server, a few seconds.
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    Mrs. bwfctower

    So when somebody joins an empty server, they may have to wait a few seconds?
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