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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by termanator1128, May 25, 2016.

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    Hi what i want is a in game way to purchase ranks with in game money. So it will hook into vault for everything. It will be a sign based rankup. So you click a sign and it will asked you to confirm the rankup. To set up the sign you will need to put [RankPurchase] on the first line like this image http://imgur.com/kPtcqZF. It will then look like this http://imgur.com/7PoYHTT. You will need a permission to create the sign and break the sign and you will need to crouch to break the sign. When you click the sign it will look like this http://imgur.com/y6QJCiG and here is what the items names will look like when you hover over them http://imgur.com/gTcCsj2, http://imgur.com/8aryDWG, http://imgur.com/XD1pRVB for this one the %rank% is the next rank you can buy based on the ladder in the config and the %price% is the price it costs from the config. If you click the sign and don't have the right amount of money it will look like this http://imgur.com/MtN1AcB the %money% will be the necessary amount of money needed for the next rank. If you confirm the rankup here is what it will look like in chat broadcasted to everyone on the server http://imgur.com/3uoaWBy the %player% is obviously the players name and %rank% is the rank they ranked up to. Here is an example of all of the variables removed and changed to actual values http://imgur.com/Js9uSP7, http://imgur.com/GPtxP52, http://imgur.com/mPMyUhI

    Config should be easy to add ranks to it and remove them

    Commands - None

    - purchaseranks.create
    - purchaseranks.remove

    The creator of this is given permission to add commands and permissions if needed

    I would like this ASAP if possible
    If you need any more info please let me know
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    @0ct0berBkkitPlgins cool not what i want
    i don't even think you read it you probably just read the title
  3. I did read it, and I find that rather rude...

    Did you google this yourself beforehand, and if so, what have you looked at? Did you look at RankSigns (bottom of the picture)?
    RankSigns description:
    "RankSigns is a rank up plugin in which you can rank up or buy permission nodes via signs. It also uses economy to rank up or buy permissions. All you have to do is set up a simple RankSigns sign. This plugin requires Vault and a permissions and economy plugin that supports Vault. This plugin has many more features to add. If you have a suggestion, let me know. Thank you for downloading and enjoy the plugin."

    Your request description:
    If this has solved your request, please mark this as filled.
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    @0ct0berBkkitPlgins yes i have looked at it and it does not have what i want. there is only one sign to use for all ranks not a sign for every rank (nothing in that is what i want and thats why im here)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @termanator1128 May I mention that you posted a link to the same image 10 times.
    I doubt it that this is intended.
    Please fix it.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    I would like to see this plugin made, bump!
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    still want this bump
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    There are many plugins that do something very similar to what you want. I know they are not exactly what you want, but I don't think many developers will create a whole new plugin just for the small differences.
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    @MCMastery they are not even close its not a small difference its a large difference
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    With your replys, you probably 100 percent want signs you can click, but I suggest EZRanksLite. It makes rankups simple and easy, uses vault and economy, and makes it to where they can rankup on the go. Just an idea worth checking out.
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    @XtrmePlaya never though about that ill try it out
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