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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by OfficerDeveloper, Jul 6, 2015.

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  1. @Chiller I figured out the problem, I think you forgot tick marks on perm_ban_unknown, I fixed it :)
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    @OfficerDeveloper The yaml file does not need tick marks if the string startes with a character a-z, it only needs ticks if it is a special character like an &.
  3. @Chiller the permission 'punish.protected' or whatever it was to keep you from not being punished doesn't work.

    And that was why, I started it with %message_prefix% :p
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    @OfficerDeveloper Haha totally forgot about that permission, will have a new version very shortly.
    And so were you able to get my chat messages to stop showing and only yours to?
  5. @Chiller Yep. I set my event to the highest priority, and thank you!
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    Is this going to be released to the public? That would be awesome if so.
  7. @Chiller For that permission, configurable message saying denial with the %punished% tag to see who they tried to punish, thank you!
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    @OfficerDeveloper So like this?

    Also sometimes you will be able to ban a player that has the permission if they are offline. But when they join and if they have the permission and an infraction, it will be removed. I have to do this because you cannot check permissions of offline players...
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  10. @Chiller Ok thank you! so when this becomes public, you can add me on skype and I can do some language translations in the coding/config :).
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    @OfficerDeveloper Ya just test it very thoroughly and report back on any bugs, if you don't find any I will take it out of beta and put it into release!
  12. @Chiller For the unknown ban message, make it the same format as everything else in the config: '%message_prefix% &4You have been banned for an unknown reason at an unknown time#n%message_suffix' maybe do it like that :)



    Player needs the permission punish.use and punishment.use in order to open the GUI. If player just has the permission 'punishment.use' then it won't show up with the no permission message.

    When user has correct permissions, help command for when someone forgets an argument doesn't show up

    The PlotMe plugin overrides the /p command.

    %date% doesn't work for the inital kick of temp ban (im assuming for perm ban as well) (%date% works when the user tries to log back in though)

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    Github Download v1.0.7

    • Command needed two permissions to execute: punish.use and punishment.use
    • Kick message not including the date
    Also make sure your config has all of these keys in it:
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    # Time increments are in seconds
    message_prefix: '&c&lPUNISH&r'
    message_suffix: '&aUnfairly punished? Contact us on the forums!'
      warn: '%message_prefix% &4You have been warned &6(%reason%) &4by &6%punisher%'
      unmute: '%message_prefix% &aYou are no longer muted.'
      perm_ban: '%message_prefix% &4You have been permanantly banned &6(%reason%) &4by
      perm_mute: '%message_prefix% &4You have been permanantly muted &6(%reason%) &4by
      temp_ban: '%message_prefix% &4You have been banned until &b%date% &6(%reason%) &4by
      temp_mute: '%message_prefix% &4You have been temporarily muted &6(%reason%) &4by
      login_perm_ban: '%message_prefix% &4You have been permanantly banned &6(%reason%)
        &4by &6%punisher%#n%message_suffix%'
      login_temp_ban: '%message_prefix% &4You have been banned until &b%date% &6(%reason%)
        &4by &6%punisher%#n%message_suffix%'
      not_punishable: '%message_prefix% &4You are not allowed to punish &6%punished%'
      perm_muted: '%message_prefix% &4You are permanently muted for &6%reason% &4by &3%punisher%'
      temp_muted: '%message_prefix% &4You are muted until &b%date% &4for &6%reason% &4by
      perm_ban_unknown: '%message_prefix% &4You have been banned for an unknown reason#n%message_suffix%'
      temp_ban_unknown: '%message_prefix% &4You have been banned for an unknown reason at an unknown time#n%message_suffix%'
      history: '&6Reason: &c%reason%#n&6Given by: &c%punisher%#n&6Date: &c%date%'
      history_removed_by: '#n&6Removed by: &c%remover%#n&6Removed reason: &c%remove_reason%'
      ban_increment: 240
      mute_increment: 120
    date_format: 'MM/dd/yyyy h:mm:ss a'
  14. @Chiller Ill test it when I get the chance. For the config time increasements, I think it would be better for once public release comes it be minutes
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    @OfficerDeveloper So I just added the ability to display the player's infraction status in the MOTD, so it can tell the player if they are banned before they enter the server. You are able to disable this function in the config if you do not want to use it.

    Also the plugin "should" update automatically once the new version gets approved on BukkitDev!
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    I am using this on my server and it is VERY helpful. But can I make some requests? Could you make it so that you can unban a player in the GUI and ban a player with the GUI when the player isnt online? It would be greatly appreciated! Thank You. :)
  17. @Ventality That's already possible... left click the enchanted punishment on the GUI. And you can do that yo, the player just needs to have joined the server before.

    @Chiller plugin works great, ready for public release!
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    I have another idea, can you make a perm so when I mod punishes a player it tells all the mods so they dont accidentally warn the player twice.
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    What are all the permissions? Because my moderators cant ban or mute, they can only warn.
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  21. @Ventality It will show up in their punishment history.

    Getting this post locked, THANKS A TON @Chiller
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