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Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Mar 18, 2013.

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    A little over a week ago we announced some of the improvements across the Bukkit project on which we have been working. One of the issues we touched upon was the unacceptable delay the community has been experiencing when it came to getting their pull requests into the project - or, in some cases, even getting a response. Unfortunately, we reached a point where we were not equipped to handle the bulk of the pull requests we were receiving and the entire queue stalled as a result. The Bukkit project is no stranger to community contributions and the clear benefits of fully utilising them: many of the features Bukkit has to offer are thanks to contributions from the community, so addressing this bottleneck is extremely important for us.

    The Pull Request Handling Improvements Initiative
    The Pull Request Handling Improvements initiative consists of several big and important changes to the way we handle code contributions from the community. One key aspect of this initiative is that we now have a Pull Request Handling team dedicated to working with you to get your pull request into the project. This new team consists of individuals hand picked from the Bukkit community to be the bridge between the community and the core Bukkit team.

    The Pull Request Handling Team members are:

    These people listed above have joined the project in order to work closely with each pull request author to help you make sure your pull request meets our strict requirements.

    Our New Contributing Guidelines:
    The other key aspect of our push to improve our pull request handling process is our commitment to providing better documentation on getting involved with the project. Along with the new Get Involved tab (that we'll continue to expand upon) that can be found on this site, we have broken down every single requirement we have for code contributions in a new CONTRIBUTING.md. This CONTRIBUTING.md file is automatically linked by GitHub whenever a pull request is being created so every one knows exactly where to go to educate themselves on our contribution guidelines and requirements.

    In our new Contributing Guidelines, we not only go through every requirement we have, we've also included useful examples, a fancy flow chart and a Pull Request Format Template. Furthermore, if you would like to get a feel for the code formatting issues we keep an eye out for, we have this useful example here.

    Useful Links
    Important Note:
    We no longer want pull request authors to handling squashing and end result commits. We will be handling this internally ourselves as we work with you on your pull request.

    Thanks for your continued support and patience as we work on these awesome improvements to our project. This new initiative is just the beginning of the many extensive changes we'll be making across the project in order to address our deficiencies and in answer to the mistakes that we've made over the years. As we continue to learn from our mistakes and experiments, we think you'll be happy with the direction we'll be taking the project.
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    Love it! I can't wait to see the Pull Request Handlers go nuts on those long standing PRs.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Big thanks to the above for volunteering :)
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    Okay, Thank you!
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    Awesome! Can't wait to see what comes of this.
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    Thank you EvilSeph and crew for the opportunity - I look forward to this.
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    Thanks for the notifying us!
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    More volunteers :D
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    Best of luck, you may find you need it!
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    That example pull request made me laugh evilmidget38

    Edit: oh yeah, good job!
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    Awesome! Thank you, volunteers :)
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    Amazing to see pull request handling improvements! Community (yes, you!) - get involved more!
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    Hahaha! LOL!

    Good job Bukkit team for your awesome development team and new updates!
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    Thank you for including me on the team! I look forward to the next 6 months :)
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    A great step for the bukkit team, a big (awesome) change for the server owners, plugin developers and minecraft lovers!
    Keep it up ;)
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    What happens after that?
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    The end of the world.
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    Thanks, for all you're doing Bukkit Team. Keep it up :)
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    Awesome! Approve all the pull requests!
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    School, of course. :D
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    Thanks !
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    yeah ! :D
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  24. RFC: MultiLineSupport for CustomNameEntity's
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    Sooooooo....... ya.. :)
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    Good work, Bukkit team!
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    Thanks Bukkit Team!
  28. Its great that bukkit is continuing to expand. It is a great project and im glad it is well cared for. :)
  29. I have not a clue what this post is about lol.
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    Unless you code plugins/want to code for Bukkit, then this post is unimportant to you
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