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    I'm working on a strictly RPG server. I've browsed for one but can't find anything. What I'm after is public furnaces.

    Look at it this way:
    A player opens the furnace, sticks his coal in the bottom and his ore on top. Now, he sits and waits for it to smelt. While he is waiting, someone else comes up and opens the furnace and grabs the freshly made iron bars--That wasn't very nice was it! But what was there to stop him from doing so?

    The request:
    A player opens the furnace. It has now been binned to him. Now no one can steal his iron bars.

    How it would work in a more detailed way:
    There are banking plugins that let multiple users use the same chest, but each have their own 'chest'
    This would work in the same way, it would be a Public Furnace. Timmy could use it at the same time as Sam is. Now, this furnace also sped up the process. When smelting in a public furnace, the time to smelt each item was instant (this could be toggleable in the config) making it not a full stack is instantly smelted, but each one is instantly smelted taking much less time, but still requires you to stand there for a minute.

    If anyone knows of such a plugin, or feels like they could make it, feel free to leave a comment.
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    could always make it so when a player is smelting he has to watch it, and once all smelting has finished the items are sent to his inventory and he is forced off the furnace window. ( I've been searching for something like this for 5 months now )
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    He searched 5 hours,
    I searched 5 minutes...

    and I managed to find it?
    Like above, I typed in key words and found same plugin - called "myfurnace"
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