Proximity-Based Spawnpoints (After Death Occurs)

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    My request is for an admin to create areas which have their own spawn points after death occurs.

    For example:
    1) You have an RP server and a dungeon/quest area turns out to be deadly. Instead of the player spawning at the global spawn point, they would spawn at the "starting point" of the dungeon/quest.
    This could piggy back of another cuboid configuring mod. You could set up multiple checkpoints throughout a dungeon/quest.

    2) You have arenas for PvP and PvE and when a player dies upon the arena floor. Instead of the player re-spawning at the global spawn point, they arrive back in the gladiator quarters, forced to do battle again and again.

    3) You have various cities and the player has decided to walk off into the dangerous woods when they are befallen by a horde of monsters. Instead of the player spawning at the global spawn point they are transported back to the nearest city.

    Thank you for your consideration. Give this thread a bump if you want to see this sort of thing in Bukkit!

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