Protcetion (Infinite Plots)

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    Plugin category: Protection

    Suggested name: PlotProtect

    A bit about me: Im a server owner and I need this plugin ASAP.

    What I want:I want a plugin, which runs with this one
    . It has to protect the Plots. To get a plot u need to type in a comment
    Ideas for commands: /plot buy (creates/buys a plot)
    /plot sell (delete's /sells a plot)
    /plot info (shows info, who's owner of plot)
    Ideas for permissions: Permission to buy,sell,info

    Willing to pay up to: $0 but many peoples need it
    When I'd like it by:ASAPg

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    pls post if u know or ur working on a plugin like this

    nobody knowS?

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    This would be helpful as since it is "infinite" its impossible to guard all of the plots
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    what is, if someone makes that after 4 blocks (road) its protected 64x64x then a "pause" of 4 blocks, then again 64x64 protected
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    Haxtor Moogle sells a plugin called "Myplot" you can buy it from him for about $25-$30
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