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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Marc Hoover, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Marc Hoover

    Hello guys,

    this project is a pilot and still in development / beta state. The main goal is to provide a "realtime" Server List like we know from the old days: Quake, Unreal, etc... but for Minecraft. If you don't want get "bashed" by votefakers on all the public static server lists this system is recommend for you. This system is also recommend for servers with changing ips / dynamic dns.

    It would be great if some server will join and support this server list. The list is fully managed by the server backend, all what you need to do is: Download and install the Server plugin.

    The Serverplugin will contact our masterserver to register and update your server with the following informations:

    Servername, Serveraddress, Bukkitversion, Onlineplayers and max.players.


    How to get it working?

    1) Download this Serverplugin
    2) Copy the JAR file into your Bukkit "plugins" folder
    3) Start or reload the server
    4) done
    5) Your server should be enlisted on this page:

    There is also a Minecraft Startuplauncher Tool which easily join all the enlisted servers, grab it here:


    Minecraft Serverbrowser DOWNLOAD

    This tool requires .NET 4.0

    Information for developers:

    You can build own tools or website gadgets by using this webservice:
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    Wow. This looks really, really good. I personally have no use for this, but I wish you success.
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    Marc Hoover

    Thank you :)

    Come on Bukkiteers :) Let the network grow :)

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    Marc Hoover

    We are growing slow but we growing :)
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    Marc Hoover

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    Marc Hoover

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    Good job I'm thinking about getting this for my server
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    Marc Hoover

    Cool :) Then... welcome to our network :)
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