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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Mimerme, Dec 20, 2013.

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    Despite so many Minecraft "TF2" plugins and servers out there, after playing on a lot of them, I've become somewhat disturbed on how inaccurate those servers are compared to the actual "Team Fortress 2". Being a common tf2 player I've noticed many servers lacking the following

    - Rocket Jumping (though some severs have "wall jumping", many lack the correct physics, knock back calculation, etc.)

    - Air Strafing - a major part of the game for competitive players, which allows users to turn in mid air, without losing momentum(based on bug from source engine)

    - Correctness of weapons - many severs are based off sethblings map, which may seem pretty cool, but have completely incorrect weapons, ex. no shotgun, random bow, etc

    - Double Jumping - though some servers may include double jumping for scouts, they are not as quickly responsive as the normal tf2 double jump

    Though there are many more I have not listed, for it would take hours, above is what I have noticed is wrong with the "Soldier" class on many tf2 servers. In this plugin it will add all of the above, the market gardener, shot-gun (spread enabled, 9 pellets), and an actual rocket launcher with rocket jumping. Though Minecraft will never = Team Fortress 2, I thought this would be an interesting project to take upon as my first bukkit plugin. Code is not efficient, however, once I become more fluent with the bukkit API, I will try to make the plugin, cleaner, more efficient, and more organized for future plugin developers.

    For all who wish to contribute, post a reply, however I would prefer if you had no programming knowledge, because I think of this as a learning experience for myself and how to use the Bukkit API. However different methods of doing my objectives will always be accepted.
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