Problem with Mob spawning.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by RBrNx, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. I recently purchased a 6 slot server for me and my friends and installed Bukkit 1.0 to it. I noticed pretty quickly a big lack of monsters spawning even in really dark areas. So I checked out all the Bukkit and Plugin configs but anywhere that mentions monster spawning it is set to True. The plugins I use are Essentials, mcMMO and Lockette. When I press F3 in an SSP world it tells me that there are 200+ entities in the world (i.e monsters/animals) but when I do it on the server it only says 10 or 11 entities in the world (I have changed the setting in essentials to spawn a limit of 100 entities but it has not changed in the server), is there a reason for this? Also, monsters barely spawn in really dark areas or at night time. What could be causing this? Here is the file.

    #Minecraft server properties
    #Wed Dec 14 22:28:52 GMT 2011
    motd=Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.
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    set difficulty to 3 maybe? that means hard and is the highest you can go.

  3. That increased the entities number to 15-17 but my mob trap is not spawning anything and nothing is spawning at night.
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    that is very strange indeed. But we're speaking about hostile mobs and not animal I suppose?

  5. Animals do certainly spawn, but not a great amount. I get almost no hostile mob spawns at all, maybe about 10 in 2 weeks of having the server.
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    and it also happens whith real spawners?

    animals spawn only when chunks are create (1/10 new chunks spawns animals)

  7. So far we haven't done much exploring so we haven't found a monster spawner yet. Huh, I never knew that about animals. Thanks.
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    We have noticed this same phenomenon in the last few days - do you have a beastnode server by chance?
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    I have the exact same problem and I have a beastnode server! (6 slot)
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    Same problem here. Although mob spawners were working perfectly even with spawn-monsters=false. But ever since bukkit, they wont work.
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    Just to add to the problem, not providing a solution (sorry) I have noticed the same issue since 1.0 came out. Depending on the server restart, sometimes monsters spawn and sometimes they don't. I have 'monsterhunt' running so that has made the issue extremely obvious... players playing the hunt game and nobody finds a single one all night... then on other restarts players have had scores of up to 600 (where the highest mob score value is creeper @ 20 points). No changes are made to the configuration at all.
    I don't believe I have a beastnode server as I don't even know what that is.
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    OK, I think I figured my issue out, maybe it will help you. After slaying about 300-500 day mobs, the night mobs started spawning again (with a vengance). Just wander all over looking for patches of day mobs. Mind you, mobspawners did not appear to be a big problem for me, just normal wild spawning.
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    i have a beastnode server and just set up a new world and I'm having the same problem. I tried killing a bunch of day mobs and it **seemed** to help. But when I go underground I get nothing except where there are spawners. It still seems like spawning is not working like it should...
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    Is beastnode a host? What sort of RAM do you get with it? I'm also wondering if more RAM means more mobs... I'm just throwing all sorts of random ideas out there now... I'm getting some really strange results myself. Mind you it seems like the issue got worse as the world expanded, that's why I'm thinking RAM (I have 8Gb with 5Gb dedicated to my server java console but also run some RAM hungry plugins like 'Citizens'). All of this is just a stab in the dark.

    OK, those who have WorldEdit, I just had a big success! type '/butcher -a' to kill all day mobs on the entire map (for me I just removed 813 in total)... the increase in night mobs was incredible.

    Mind you, on further testing, the day mobs seem to respawn so quick that it doesn't take long before no night mobs again... can anyone confirm if maybe this is a bukkit specific issue or whether vanilla server has simular problems...

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    I talked to Beastnode and they indicated they thought it was a problem with a combination of 1.01 a Craftbukkit. I put a new build of Craftbukkit on and it seemed to get better but it's back to being same problem. It may be memory as I have a COW level server but we don't have tons of people online at the same time nor do we have a big world yet. As you have much more memory I don't think it's that. I am going to try and get my server back to plain vanilla and see what happens.

    So I removed Essentials and Craftbukkit (at least I believe I did -- it's hard to tell perfectly with these various console-based hosting services vs. my dedicated server) but the total number of E went well up over 100 at times and the overall world seemed healthier in terms of enemy mobs. I'm still not 100% as I went deep into some caves and I was still not seeing a world as filled as I think it should be deeper in caves. I may up the difficulty level and see if that further improves my sense of what I expect it to do. I won't point the finger directly at Craftbukkit because I just can't perfectly assess this still - but it does seem like there is some sort of relationship between 1.01 and recent builds - I just wish I could put my finger on it, or a more discernible way to judge it all.

    Will keep playing with this all.

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    I have posted the following in another thread, but I am VERY confident it's the solution:

    Done some searching and testing. In follow up, the mob limit IS the issue, as day mobs are persistent and end up dominating the land. This however is not the solution. For me, what is the solution is 'NoLagg'... if your running this plugin, check the config file for 'Spawnlimit' and turn it off! If your not using NoLagg then look through your plugins for a simular feature. I have turned it off and had an enorous change in the continuation of hostiles, without needing to remove all the day mobs any more to achieve this. Before that I had to remove day mobs constantly to get hostiles. They are thick and fast and consistent now... BIG HAPPY FACES for me for now :)

    I may be jumping the gun here... I'll re-post if I find there is more... but the change has been HUGE so far.
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    I agree with your post but only one problem if you dont have a nice cpu too many mobs will lag the server :(
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    I wasn't running NoLagg as far as I can tell but I will look for other Spawn Limits but all I was running was CraftBukkit and Essentials.
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    It appears that I only slowed down the issue. Bottom line, there are too many day mobs spawning... as they are more persistent. This means every day mob that spawns stays, but night mobs despawn (or burn) at dawn. This means after extended uptime, the day mobs will end up dominating the landscape. I still get some hostiles, but after 24 hours runtime it is very much reduced. I think it would be better if day mobs spawned like in 1.8 (very little after initial chunk generation) as breeding now compensates for this. Anyway, that's my analysis so far... will post more info as I find it. I agree that unlimited spawning will lag a low CPU server (running 6x AMD on mine so I don't notice that) so it is a limited solution at best. @BenSawyer: I think I saw something about essentials having spawn limiters, but I don't use it so don't quote me on that. The best solution I can provide so far, as I stated before, is get worldedit and periodically run /butcher -a (but your farmers will not like you for this). Of course... any Java coders... look at HeavenlyMob and see if you can get a simular plugin running for 1.0 (HM is so old I dare not try it).
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    Because of some false positives, I deliberately tested my most recent option for 3 days before posting a new comment... after 3 days still having hostiles thick and fast (my server is a dangerous place at night again).
    Who here has their view distance setting in set below 10? Mine was at 7. There is a bug (reported) in the game where the settings below 10 cause mobs that go outside that range to despawn, but the entity is not removed, hence a lack of respawning after a period. This is how I understand it anyway.
    I changed the view distance to 10 and like I said mobs are continuing to repsawn even after 3 days of uptime. None of the previous options I tried kept the spawn rate up for more than 24 hours.
    I'd like to know how many people who reported here have this settings below 10 to get an idea whether that is the common link.
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    I have this very Same Frustrating Problem! To the Point of the game was just no fun to play anymore. I had my
    distance setting set on 6. It is now set on 10 again. But I also installed worldedit and used the /butcher command.
    Between these two things, I now seem to have monsters back the way they used to be:) This has only been tested for a couple hours, so We shall see what happens over more time. but I'm so glad I found this post, it has been driving me
    crazy for so long.
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    I have had my server running with a tonne of hostiles ever since my last post... mind you 1.1 seems to have reduced the day mobs rate (back to the beta1.8 style), now it is soooo dangerous on my server at night... the view distance made most of the difference.
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    I have absolutely ZERO day mobs! Any one know the cause?
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    You might have your difficulty set to 1. Also, another potential reason for no mobs during the night is that the "bukkit" file has a "spawn-monsters" option, and it may be set very low. I was having this problem, but it was because my "spawn-monsters" option was set to one. One monster spawns in the entire world. Fix that to some large number, say, 1000. Hope this helps.
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    i have the same problem and i have a 30slot server with beastnode
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    This guy just solved my problem. I tried everything from: setting the difficulty to Hardcore to changing Essential's Spawn Mob Limit to a ridiculous number. It turns out it killed about 200 entities. I went around to find out that all the animals (with the exception of ocelots and possibly wolves) are not gone. I believe my users were hording animals and thus causing the server to reach it's limit (likely the one specified in Essentials).

    Thank you Craigdb!

    Quick edit: It is also possible that the villagers in some town that nobody visits had reproduced way beyond expected capacity and took up all the reserved spots saved for mob spawning. In any event, killing everything is the easy fix to this.
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    seems it started with villagers, they seem to reproduce extremely fast. is everyone with issues here has spawn-structures: true?
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