Problem with getting a 'boolean' from config.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DJ_Amos123, Jul 7, 2013.

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    I'm taking over a plugin and I'm having trouble with a certain part of the code.
    Here's the problem:
    LINE: 33
    LINE: 46
    LINE: 158 - 160

    Can someone please suggest a way to fix this issue.

    EDIT: Basically it's not loading 'true' or 'false' from the config, so it defaults to true.
    But I want it so it's customizable making the item droppable

    EDIT2: I'm new at java, so please could you give some detailed help. ^.^
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    What problem do you have with it?
    Any errors?
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    Its most likely a NPE and it is most likely due to it not being read right in the config.
    A stacktrace would be helpful.
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    That makes no sense to me, what so ever. :)
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    Post whatever error you are getting.
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    It will help you if you are taking over a plugin to learn Java. But to do with your problem the getBoolean method defaults to false. Does the item always not drop? Also realized that you are setting the 'config' variable before creating the default config which will make it not work the first time the plugin is run.
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    Well, this is my encouragement to learn Java, you see I have very little motivation, but if I force myself to take upon plugins, and trying to re-design them, it's working, but I'm hitting a few things I'm not sure how to fix.

    No errors.

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