Problem with citizens WILL PAY FOR FIX

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by UsefulPawn, Dec 30, 2011.

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    I am having a problem with the quester in the citizens mod, and am willing to pay immediately for it to be fixed. Must be an experienced plugin dev. Please respond ASAP.

    The problem is that the collect and delivery quests are not working. Here is a pastebin of the quests.yml
  2. You would get more help if you would
    A) Ask the author of citizens.
    B) Tell what exactly you need.
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    The dev of citizens is asleep, it's 3:47 am where he is. We need to get collect and delivery quests working.
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    Hi there yeah there's two of us.

    The problem is basically that let's say the objective is to acquire 150 raw fish,

    when picking up a raw fish it won't detect that you've acquired it. Therefore you can't complete the quest

    This issue has been solved. For citizens 1.1.2 you cannot have more than a stack of the item for delivery because it counts what you're carrying in your hands only.

    If you want bigger numbers, just set more delivery objectives setting the same material.

    Works great so far. tested over 22 variants.

    I strongly suggest using questwriter. If you get any errors regarding the material name in the parser, just use the item id in that quest.. (ie raw_fish won't work, you have to use its data value instead)

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    I am having a similar issue, I have set a collect quest to collect 8 pieces of cobble stone, what i have noticed is it only recognises the cobble as being collected if it is mined and then collected, it will not recognise the cobble as being collected if it is collected off the floor or picked up from a chest.

    I am using citizens 1.1.2
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