[problem solved] Warp to <location> on Death in <region> [FORMATTED]

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    I don't know if it exist already, but I couldn't find it after searching.
    I'm looking for a plugin that teleports you to a certain point if you die in a certain area.

    Plugin category: Transportation

    Suggested name: Area Warp

    What I want:
    I would like a plugin that enables you to set a region using WorldEdit (or use those of WorldGuard). And that when you die in that region, you will be teleported to a specified point.​

    for instance, I've created a maze with traps and that sort of things. If someone dies inside the maze I want them to spawn at the beginning of the maze rather than at the normal spawning point.​

    Ideas for commands:
    /area set [name] - for setting a region, hooking in to the with worldedit selected area
    /area setwarp [name] - for setting the location you warp to if you die in that area
    (use your current location as coordinates)
    /area warp [name] [player] - warp a player to the warping location you defined for that area

    Ideas for permissions:
    areawarp.set - for setting a region
    areawarp.setwarp - for setting a warp point
    areawarp.warp - for warping yourself
    areawarp.warp.others - for warping others

    commands for warping could be done by other plugins like commandbook. But it's good to have them so the plugin is "complete"

    Hopefully someone can help me out with this, or point me to an already existing plugin with similar features.
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    Isn't it a region-flag of WorldGuard regions ?
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    omg! thanks, I completely missed that, I'm gonna try it right now thanks dude :D

    edit: works like a charm.

    shame on me for not having spotted that, and thanks again :)

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