Pro Plugin Developer looking to create large rpg aspect type PVP Server but need server/builders.

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by zarrcus, Aug 21, 2013.

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    Brief Description about myself
    From my profile I may not look like much, But that's mainly because I dabbled in custom made plugins and only posted my simple ones. I am a young programmer with a lot of experience with Bukkit API and have many huge intentions for the future! My main studies are programming and football, And you may be thinking something like "What a nerd I bet he's not even cool." Well buddy you got another thing coming, I'm extremely fun and entertaining, I'm great with grammar and kick ass at football even though it's my first year. My age is 16, and I am Zechariah! You may be wondering why I opened this thread and what kind of ideas I have for this plugin. Well all the answers can be found below!​
    Current Ideas

    Organized stored information used for all of the following
    - Gained experience using the experience bar by killing other players in different ways.
    - Built in friend plugin to add your buddies so you don't accidentally hit them
    - As you level up you gain new kits obtained by punching blocks or custom way, Whatever you want.
    They have to reach the required level to use the kit, and each kit has their own special advantage, including the beginner kit that you get! (Ex. Tank= Slow but well armored) (Ex. Scout= Fast but lightly armored)
    - Custom Health System!! << Big thing!
    - Custom chat system to monitor chat.
    - Custom combat tag to get rid of those pesky players that log off during combat!
    - Can add custom spell system. (Only if you want)
    - I'm able to do almost anything you wish as long as it is possible through the bukkit api.
    These all must be true for me to be at your service!

    - You must be mature (At least 14 years of age)
    - You must be serious about the whole project, I want no jokers!
    - You must be willing to help pay for the server, Or already own the server in that matter.(This is actually optional, as I do Co-Own a hosting company)
    - You must give me good evidence that you are 1: Serious and 2: Good builder/s(Hopefully you have a team)
    How to contact me for this offer.
    Email me at
    Any Questions?Leave a comment
    or just simply leave me a message, I should get back to you.
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    Wrong section! Please move this to WIP section
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    Just sent you a message :)
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    I haven't received a message..
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    wut? I sent it on e-mail? I will send You a PM anyways
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    Umm How do I do that?
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    So your looking for someone to code ALL of this, yet you want them to pay for the server?

    Man.... its like coders are your sisters barbie dolls that you just throw around.
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    I am not going to pay, missed that part......
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    Datdenkikniet 1. Why would you help in the first place, he's taking advantage of other people and offering the reward to himself, theres nothing in it for you. 2. The chances of him being 16 are the same as the chances of me being female.
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    You misread the post. the original poster *IS* the developer. he will be developing all the plugins, and just wants a server & staff to run his plugins.
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    nvm, nerdrage, unnecessary
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    Jade Retired Staff

    Moved to correct section.
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    Maybe a queen or princess? :p
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