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  1. Name: Doesn't matter :p

    What I Want: Basically what this plugin will do is allow players to create small worlds for themselves with a simple command. These worlds, at least for regular players, will be a set size. The player will be able to create a "party" and only people in the party will be able to build in that world, similar to how the SkyBlock system works. If a player has a specific permission, they can specify a small, medium, large, or unlimited sized world (maybe a config option to define the sizes). I have the feeling this might be a little RAM intensive, so please try to make this as efficient as possible :) Also, these worlds don't need to be loaded all the time and should only be loaded if there is a player in the world.

    Commands: I'd like the commands to be as simple as possible, for example:

    - /world create [size]
    Creates a world for the player. Regular players can only do "/world create", but donors can have the option to specify the size of the world.

    -/world invite <player>
    Invite a player to join your world party

    -/world delete
    Delete your world

    /world admin [delete, create] <player>
    Allows an admin to create or delete a world for a player

    When I Want it By: No rush take your time :) The sooner the better though :)
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    Sorry if this comes off the wrong way but aren't you a dev?
  3. 15987632
    I guess :p There are a few reasons as to why I can't do this:

    1. I have never worked with anything world-related and dont have the time to learn.
    2. Continuing with 1, I have alot of schoolwork and college apps to do, which leaves me with little free time
    3. Even if I had the time to do this, I have the feeling that someone could do this better and more efficiently than I can.

    I don't make plugin requests unless I need to :p
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    ok :D
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    The Gaming Grunts
    I'm not sure if this would be efficient. The problem being: You can't limit world sizes. Your server's memory would diminish very quickly. I guess you could make void around an island, but that would defeat the purpose. What I would do is make a skyblock-like world, that when a player does the command, it creates another "island" of configurable size and not allow players to build off of the island. Then create a command called "invite" and allow players to invite people to their island.
  6. mattrick16
    That could work. The island would basically be a "smaller" version of a world. The size of the island can be determined by the player's rank.
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    Yep. I cannot develop this right now, maybe later if someone doesn't fill it.
  8. mattrick16
    Sounds good :) I'll let you know in a few days if anyone takes it or not :)
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    The Gaming Grunts I'd do this but I'm not quite sure how to do this with worlds, I've never looked at worlds much
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    I think its something like this for creating worlds:
    2. WorldCreator playerWorld = new WorldCreator(player.getName());
    3. playerWorld.seed(blah)//set seed or generator if you wanted to.
    4. Bukkit.createWorld(playerWorld);
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    Sweet, thanks! Might use this in the future.
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    I might do this in a few days. Someone else can do it if they want to.
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    I've been planning/wanting to do this for a long time. Just getting around to putting in the effort for it haha
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    I like it it's just this doesn't seem very reasonable it would take up A lot of memory and ram
  16. 15987632
    Read the comments on here. We came up with a better way to do it ;)
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    i know i have read them but still i think its gonna take up a lot i could be wrong though
  19. mattrick16
    Great :) Let me know how it comes along :)

    It won't be any more demanding than something like Skyblock and would be even better if @mattrick can find a way to ensure that only the necessary chunks are loaded :)
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    That is handled in Minecraft already. Unused chunks are automatically unloaded.
  21. mattrick16
    Ah ok :p How's it coming along so far?
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    Good...just have to get a basic island generator working..... (I think I'll make island size configurable)
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    The Gaming Grunts why are you making a thread in the plugin request section? You should be making these plugins! Haha
  24. Blah1
    Already answered this :p
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    The Gaming Grunts oh come on... "I dont have time" is not a good excuse anymore. If you spend 20 minutes a day on this plugin you will have it done it at most 3 days. And who doesnt have 20 minutes nowadays?
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