Private mining and furnaces

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    Plugin category: Mechanic-altering

    Suggested name: Multi-Furnace and Private Ores

    A bit about me: I'm working on an RPG server, and I'm looking for tons of plugins to get it just the way I like. I've been hooking plugins in to each other and tweaking them to work best for what I like, if I'm making a request, its because I have found no other way to do it.

    What I want:
    • Player 'locks' the ore when they start mining it, blocking others from destroying(mining) said block
    • Instant item pickup by the person who mined it​
      • Player using a furnace 'locks' it so others cannot retrieve the item contained in it (Giving each player a temp furnace so they can use the same furnace at the same time is an idea)
      • 2 second smelting time per item, not stack, if it temp locks the whole furnace
    Ideas for commands: Commandless

    Ideas for permissions: player.usemulti-furnace, player.use-privateores, create.multi-furnace

    When I'd like it by: As soon as the creator has a steady version

    Similar plugin requests: None.
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    well i dont know about the mining but LWC has been 1.2 updated and can private a Furnace.

    when a person's done with it they can /cremove and default placemention actions lock or private the said furnace to the one who placed it,

    but dont forget anything spout enabled means they havetoo use a spout client or mod thier client. and that can deturr some players
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    Server is Spout only. And LWC isn't what I'm looking for. LWC would, as you said, anyone can lock it, then remove it, problem is, players may not, and probably will not, unlock it. I want something that only temp-locks it while they use it, no commands needed.
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    hmm try giving manniL a poke might be up his alley,
  5. If you format your plugin-thread, I'll look what i can do.
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