Plugin Help PrisonRankup When i restart my server everyone gets reset back to A

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by william6464, Nov 2, 2014.

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    Hello i currently own a 1.7.10 OP prison server.
    But when i restart my server or stop it when it comes back up the prison rankup resets i currently use
    Permissionsex and they are set as N rank when prisonrankup when they do /rankup it says
    To rankup to B?
    Could anyone please help me or recommend any other rankup plugins
    Thanks Guys!
    These are my plugins :
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    You have to reset them all back to A. It thinks they are A because you downloaded this plugin after you ranked them up I'm assuming? So it thinks they are A when they arent, therefore its trying to pu the up the ladder YOU setup.

    In order to fix this, you need to either reset them all back to 'A' or you can manually enter the playerdata into the PrisonRankup folder saying that they are 'N' rank (I personally would just reset them and make a sorry kit or something)

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    So how do i reset them all back to A in pex and prison rankup ? Do you mean my Pex ladder i havent set that up i just created the ranks on pex and i didnt create a ladder i just put the ranks name in the prisonrankup config and it was working fine until i restarted the server and what i said happend!
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    /pex user {username} group set A

    And as long as you do that, you should be able to fix it automatically. It shouldnt have to be anything in the prisonrankup data file as long as you reset them with pex.
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    Simple solution: use EZRanksLite
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    Yes but i have tuns of players to do is there a quicker way ?t and for some people i have done /rankup set (player) rank so would i need to change this?
    Extended Clip ill try this thanks! - Does it work with permissionsex and do i need to just need to add all the rank names in the conf and the prices?
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