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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by UnpeeledBanana1, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Plugin category: General, Mechanics

    Suggested name: PrisonFly

    What I want: For anyone who browse Prison Servers, they may notice that when people log in, their fly mode is automatically enabled, also when they switch worlds, their fly mode is enabled if it is disabled. However, I cannot find any plugins with this idea, so if anyone would like to make one, it would be highly appreciated!

    Basically, on the event of a player logging in and the event of them teleporting somewhere, (Such as going to a warp and changing worlds) their fly mode is enabled.

    I do realize that I can enable allow-flight, but this doesn't support world change, it only supports the player logging in.

    There could be an idea for a command, only for admins which is:

    Ideas for command: /prisonlfly enable - Enabled the ability for everyone to fly
    /pridonfly disable - Disabled the ability for everyone to fly

    Ideas for permissions: prisonfly.toggle - Both of the commands

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible! :)
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  4. @UnpeeledBanana1 No problem, I made it a while ago so please tell me if you find any issues.
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    The player join event works, however it doesn't support world change or a teleport event!
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    Nope, within NoCheatPlus I have disabled everything to do with flying.

    I know about the events within the code, but I just know how to set them out...
    The 4 events that should probably be enabled are:

    Are they all implemented? xD
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