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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by andrewginn, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Prison

    Suggested name: Prison Scoreboard

    What I want: In this request I am asking for a plugin where you can have a scoreboard saying:
    how much you need to rankup.
    How much money you have.
    How many blocks you have broken.
    What rank you are.
    Here is an example!

    Current Rank:
    Next Rank:
    (NextRank Make Compatible with any rankup plugin. PrisonRankup Preferred)
    (The Cost)
    (Your Balance) Also can you make money translations? Here is a example
    so 1000 is translated to 1k
    100,000 is translated to 100k
    1000000 is translated to 1m
    10000000 is translated to 100m
    100000000 is translated to 1b
    1000000000 is translated to 10b
    And so on

    Ideas for commands: /ps refresh (Refreshs the scoreboard)
    /ps reload (Reloads scoreboard config.)
    Ideas for permissions: ps.refresh

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    I think this is what you need :

    1. <prisonrankuprank> | Your Rank | S
    2. <prisonrankupnextrank> | Your Next Rank |
    3. <prisonrankuprankprice> | Your Next Rank's Price | I
    4. <money> | The player's balance | I
    5. <statsbroken%> | The player's total block broken of a block with the id of %(Replace % With either a block id or "all") | I
      (You need PrisonRankup,Stats( ) and Vault for this to work)
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    @cucci0 May I ask how I do this?
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    Use EZRanksLite. It has a scoreboard system built in.
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    @extented_clip I have problems with it. Also @XgXXSnipz What do you mean?
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    Cleaned this Thread a bit up.
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