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    Plugin category: Prison

    Suggested name: ZephyrRankup

    What I want: Ive been looking for a good rankup plugins ive used PrisonRankup and Prison2 and a lot of others but non of them are good. Id like to have a rankup plugin that has a gui with the percentage of how close u are to next rank. And i want the items in the gui to be customizable and The text also. ALso i want a prestige system with customizable colors. like [P1] so like at top rank u do /prestige and it resets u to first rank and auto sends u to spawn

    Ideas for commands: /rankup and /ranks also a command to set ranks /rankset (player} rank /prestige

    Ideas for permissions: zephyr.rankup zephyr.ranks zephyr.rankset zephyr.prestige

    When I'd like it by: Whenever its done
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    Ezrankslite can do the most of this, Also you can request features that you want to the developer
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