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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MineralBoy, Jan 26, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Admin Tools/Chat Related

    Suggested name: PreviousName (PN For Short)

    What I want:
    With name changing coming in a week and a half, I know many people will be confused as players claim they are someone else than their name says. For example, Mineralboy claims to be black_spike_, and even though it's true, no one believes him. Thus, this plugin is aimed to resolve that.
    What I want is a plugin that remembers the username of a player when it logs into the server, and if it is different than a previous name, but the same UUID, then the server will record the new name and add it to a list. This list can be brought up by /previousname , which shows you the past usernames these people used to log into the server.
    If this is not possible because servers will only recognize UUID's, then I apologize that I didn't realize that.

    Ideas for commands: /previousname <player's username> - If players have changed their names more than once, or just once, a list will show up showing the names of the players that they last used.
    EDIT: Thanks CubieX for the suggestion of <username> Why I didn't think of adding that I do not know :p

    I.e. A player sees someone claiming to be someone else, so they do /previousname <username> and if the player has logged on before in a previous username, that player can see what it (or past usernames) was before. Kinda like this format:
    [PN] 1. GainesGirl
    [PN] 2. Hillary

    (Hopefully this answers people's questions with a "list." If someone wants to also record when the last day they signed in with that username was, feel free to do so. Sort of like:
    [PN] 2. Hillary (Last Seen On February 6th, 2015)

    Ideas for permissions: pn.previousname - allows users to use the command. Set to false if a group cannot use the command.

    When I would like it by: ASAP. I know this will be a very helpful plugin to servers, for the staff and the players.
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    Sounds like this would be a useful plugin.
    I liked the idea ;)
  3. @MineralBoy I'm not sure this is 100% possible yet as the name changing api isn't fully available.

    (Please correct me if I am wrong)
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    Of course its possible.
    Just log a list of a players names in a yml file.
    Quite easy.
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  5. @mrCookieSlime True I guess, I was thinking of using the Mojang site and getting all usernames from there.
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    We are talking about Players who have played on a Server before and simply use another name now. No need for any online checks. This can be simply done by some file storage.
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    Does it have to be a list?
    I would suggest to check a single name instead. /previousname <player>
    Because the list will grow slowly but surely and not give you much useful information.
    I guess you will mainly check certain players where some doubt in their identity exists.
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    @mrCookieSlime but in this way , only the people that have played in the server before changing name will be able to use the command (he wants to everybody who changed the name before or after play in the server use the command )
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    A list would always be better than just the last name. And Players can only change their name every 30 days. So it wont grow that fast.
    And his task is to list previous names. How would a list of previous names be useless information then...

    ... I miss the old times where people actually read posts before replying.
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    There's a website for this
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback on the idea :D
    @Eepmageep what is the website's name?
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    I thought the OP wanted a list of every player who ever changed his name...
    But he actually wants a list of all known previous names of a single player.
    So this makes sense then.
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    Can anyone here attempt to make this? @mrCookieSlime and @bwfcwalshy I don't have any experience in coding MC plugins, could I ask that one of you make it, since you say it is very easy?
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    Please mark this Thread as Filled though if it suits your needs.
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    Server's login messages will be "NewUsername has joined (previously known as OldUsername)", so there will be no need for this. If you check the language file for 1.8, you see this:

    226:multiplayer.player.joined=%s joined the game
    227:multiplayer.player.joined.renamed=%s (formerly known as %s) joined the game
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