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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by LaughNgamez, Jan 31, 2015.

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    At this point we all know about the up and coming name change feature from Mojang. Despite whether we like it or not we will have to deal with the issues it brings.

    As a method of coping with this I suggest a simple plugin called "Previous Names"

    I'm sure you understand what this plugin would do:

    It would store the data of all names under a certain UUID/Player Name.

    For example "/pn UUID <UUID>"
    Returns: "UUIDs previous names "Bob", "Jeff", and "Steve"

    Now ideally this plugin would support reverse look ups as well by using names.

    For example "/pn name <name>"
    "There have been <amount> of players on the server with the name "<name>"
    "Their Ids are:"
    "<UUID> <date>"
    "<UUID> <date>"
    "<UUID> <date>"
    this would go on for the amount of unique UUIDs under a name.

    Extra commands which would be handy:

    "/pn get UUID <name>" tells you a players UUID

    "/pn lookup <name/uuid/ip>" this would return whatever hasn't be entered.

    For example:
    "/pn lookup jeff" returns
    "previous IP's of "jeff" <IPs>"
    "previous uuids <UUIDS>"

    this would work for the three options and return vice-versa the missing information.

    Thanks for reading this and hopefully someone can make this useful plugin, if you have any more questions make sure to ask!
  2. Hello LaughNgamez,

    Awesome idea, I will start on it right now and keep you up to date!


    Hello LaughNgamez,

    The plugin is finished!
    It's name is NameHistory and it works like this:
    you can use the command /namehistory <UUID/username> to view the username/UUID history for that specified UUID/username.
    The aliases for /namehistory are /nh, /history, /names, /nhistory, /nameh and the command requires the permission node namehistory.namehistory which is given to OPs by default.

    When a player joins your server, a record will be added if required, so only players who joined your server are in the history which means you cannot do /namehistory blabla when blabla has never been on your server, or if blabla joins your server with the username blabla, changes his username to hello, doesn't join your server when he has the username hello, changes his username to byebye and joins your server, what you will when you do /nh <uuid for blabla> is only blabla and byebye.

    You can download the plugin from it's bukkit dev page

    Please tell me if you have any issues with the plugins or if you would like to have something added.


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    @basdv98 wow thanks a bundle! I think this plugin will be very useful thanks!
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