Preventing bow/swords from being enchanted for wizard server

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jamesol1, Jun 14, 2019.

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    What I would like:
    I'm making a server that uses wands and staffs (diamond hoe item textured) to cast spells and i'm planning on making magic spells the strongest form of combat. The lore behind this is something along the lines of ''The Wizard council has prevented the enchantment of primitive weapons". To pull this off i need to disable enchanting bows and swords without effecting tools such as the axe and hoe etc.
    If x message could be sent to the player upon them attempting to enchant a bow or sword that would be amazing (it would be something similar to the 'lore' i wrote above).

    There are plugins that can disable certain enchantments for x object. But i'd love for the custom message part to work alongside explicitly no enchants working for all swords and bows.

    I'm asking for something quite specific so i understand if people don't wish to do it. Just though i'd try asking. I don't have a team of coders who can quickly whip up the odd lightweight plugin such as this.

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    I'd be happy to take this on for you.

    What is the server version?
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    I've realised that another item i will want to prevent being enchanted is the crossbow. I wouldn't want to ask you to make it for 1.13.2 then update that for 1.14.2. And by the time i release it i will be using 1.14.2 so if you could do it in that version and disable crossbow enchanting aswell, that would be amazing!
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    Are you still up for working on it?
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