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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by supernina99, Dec 3, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Prison

    Suggested name: ZephyrPrestige

    What I want: I need a prestige plugin that works with (EZRanksLite and ChatEx) I tried Ezprestige but didnt work for me. I want this plugins config to have commands you can add when you do /prestige and it needs to work with PermissionsEX I want it to have a customizable prefix for prestige that has a {prestige} thing to add in chatex.

    Config should be like this

    'pex user %player% group add A'
    'pex user %player% group remove Z'
    Prefix: '&0[&cP1&0] '

    Ideas for commands: /prestige /prestige reload

    Ideas for permissions: prestige.prestige prestige reload is default to op

    When I'd like it by: Whenever its done
  2. supernina99 Try to explain what exactly the prestige is and what it needs to do.
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    What doesnt work with EzPrestige? The prestige tag in chatex?
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    Ye and i added alot of Prestige ranks in the config and it still says ur at last prestige
    extended_clip If you want to come on and see ill show u

    sorry if this is messy chatting

    Prestige is like Lets say in a prison server you rankup to final rank Prestige is u do /prestige and it send u back to first rank and give s u a title saying P1 or prestige1

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  5. supernina99 Oh, so you bascially want it to essentially reset you back to the default group, but with an added prefix?
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    yes but the prefix has to work with chatex
  7. supernina99 Fair enough. I'm busy at the moment, but I'll look into whether or not there's a plugin for this later. If not, I'll probably make one - it's simple enough as is... assuming someone else doesn't do so before I do of course :)
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    :) thxs
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  10. JordyPwner He specifically said it didn't work with the plugins that he has - have you checked with the plugins that he mentioned? I was going to check before creating it.
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    i use EzRankLite and my chat plugin is ChatEX
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    I tried with his plugins and worked perfectly
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    I am working on a compatibility update for EZPrestige to work with most chat formatting plugins.

    Btw, I made both EZPrestige and EZRanksLite. Why wouldn't they be compatible?
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