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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by tence3000, Jul 21, 2017.

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    Plugin category: Message

    Minecraft version: 1.8 compatible

    Suggested name: PluginCount (I don't really mind to be honest)

    What I want: This plugin is slightly different to normal but I am looking for someone to do nonetheless.
    I would like a plugin that can do the following:
    I am setting up a sort of hunt around one of my maps where the players have to find seven secret rooms. I would like a plugin to be made so that when they find one of the rooms, they can step on a pressure plate(which I can customise) and it will start a counter.
    For example when I step on the first pressure plate it may say 1/7 rooms found. 6 to go!
    Once I have stepped on 4 pressure plates it may say 4/7 rooms found. 3 to go!
    And once they have stepped on all pressure plates and it has said 7/7, I would like there to be a way for me to be notified.
    So therefore the first few people to find all the rooms can be rewarded prizes because I have been notified.
    If you have any questions or I haven't explained myself clearly enough, please tell me

    Ideas for commands: /set pressureplate (to make a pressure plate part of this system)

    Ideas for permissions: set.pressureplate

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    Extra Notes: Thank You for looking at my request and I would be most grateful if someone could do this.
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    I'm doing this for you. I got this all working at the moment I just need to save the locations to a file, then I am ready
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    Brilliant! I really appreciate you going to this trouble and doing this, thank you very much!
    I hope there are no mishaps and I look forward to seeing the final product!
    Of course when you're done post below, I look forward to using it on my server.
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    This is actually amazing, really well done on the plugin.
    As you said I was gonna ask to change two things.
    First of all, could you make it so the final pressure plate says something along the lines of:
    Congratulations! You have found all the rooms!
    Instead of you have activated one of the pressure plates from the list.

    And secondly could you possibly make there be another way for me to be notified about someone completing the hunt rather than just through the console.
    If you could do these, that would be very helpful.
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    Thank you! I am a beginner and this was a fun plugin to create. Maybe I can just add all the messages in the config, so you can change then if you'd like. How would you want to be notified? Do you get a certain permission so only people with that permission get the message of completing the hunt? I'm going to continue on it tomorrow
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    For a beginner this is a great plugin!
    Yeah maybe add an extra permission so that only an op will receive a message of someone completing it.

    Could I also add something on to what I earlier said,
    could you possibly make the plugin so that when you step on the pressureplate it only broadcasts it to the person who stepped on it in the first place.
    And also could you make there a way so I can be notified and find out even if I'm online and then come on. If you could program a way for me to check if anyone has completed it even when I'm offline and then I can check, that would be amazing.
    Also could you make it so that each pressureplate is unique to the person?
    At the moment, if one person has already stepped on the pressure plate it won't allow for someone else to step on it because it has already been activated
    Therefore at the moment it is a server hunt but I was hoping you could make it a hunt for each individual, so that each person has to find every room?

    I know this is a lot to ask and if I haven't explained this well enough please tell me but that would be most appreciated.
    Also if this is too difficult to do please tell me.
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    Alright, I love the challenges :p. I think I can pull this off, but I am not sure if I can complete it tomorrow, but I will continue on it. Thank you once again!
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    I feel so demanding right now lol so I apologise.
    Anyway I was going to answer what you said earlier about being notified.
    I was gonna say being notified through a certain permission would be good only available to op's as I said but even if I was offline and someone completed it and then I came on could you make a way for me to check then?

    Sorry for all the demands and I don't expect completion by tomorrow at all as this is a huge ask.
    Good luck with the rest.
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    You don't need to feel demanding. I atually wanted to build a bigger plugin, so I like to do this.
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