[PRERELEASE] Pogic: A client/server plugin system - Add new creatures to your SMP server & soon more

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Myers Carpenter, Mar 19, 2011.

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    Wait I'm confussed will this use smp or single player mods and please don't quit this will be the greatest mod of all time
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    wow.... i guess pogic really is done.

    my guess is it ended because he figured mojang would be adding it one way or another anyways.
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    Myers Carpenter

    No. It's not done. It's on the backburner as I work on another project.
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    whew.... good to know. if you dont mind me asking, whats your other project?
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    Myers Carpenter

    I'll post here with details when you can get your hands on it :). If you notice I prefer to have something to show before talking too much about it.
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    you know what.... that is very commendable, in an internet world such as this.
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    *still waiting anxiously*
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    Keep us posted, this project sounds very promising.
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    so the players need to download a minecraft client mod as well as the server, or can the server just have it and it automatically downloads?
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    euhm... when will we be able to use it?
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    Myers Carpenter

    I don't know if I'll ever finish. I had planned to come back an make this idea work either in my own project or as part of Spout or something like that when they did the Modding API v1 (when Notch was proposing to release the source to modders). Now that Jeb seems to be doing some other formal API that is less than the full source I'm sad. Keeping up with new releases is a pain, much more so when you have to obfuscate.
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