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    Plugin category: Informational

    Suggested name: PrefixTitles

    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin so users can change their prefix by choosing from a predefined list instead of being able to change it to everything available. If possible, I would like a config file with seperated groups where I can define titles. Players must have the permission according to that group to be able to change their prefix to a specific title.

    So for example, the config file has a group called 'users' and 'admins'. In the group users there are 2 titles available, "Peasant" and "Farmer". The admin group only has "Admin". A normal player will now be able to do /titles to see a list with the 2 titles "Peasant" and "Farmer" in there, while an admin can only see his "Admin" title.

    The user can now do /title Peasant to change his or her prefix to "Peasant", and on a later moment he or she can change it to "Farmer". To be clear here: I don't want the display name or anything to be editted, just the prefix being used by permission plugins such as Pex. Please make it possible to assign a format to a group, so I can color the different titles. An example config file:


    format: '&6$title &f'​
    - Peasant​
    - Title​
    format: '&c$title &f'​
    - Admin​


    Ideas for commands: /titles to list all titles and /title <name> to change prefix to "name".

    Ideas for permissions: prefixtitles.groupname

    When I'd like it by: Maybe next week?
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    So, the person in the group 'Users' would have the name like "[Peasant][Title]<displayname>"?
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    A person in the group (this is not the permission group, just a group assigned in the config file) "Users" would have a name like <prefix><displayname> where <prefix> is changed by the users choice with /title <name of title> (when they have the permission prefixtitle.users).
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    That doesn't make sense of why "titles" in the config file.
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    This way players are able to change their own prefix, but instead of giving them permission to change it to everything this plugin allows us to predefine titles for them that they can choose from.
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    klosjaarrr so you want to be able to set some pre defines prefixes in a config for certain ranks, and then they can chose out of those prefixed which one they have depending in their rank?
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    I understand now :D
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    Almost completed, just finishing the command up to set a title. Doing a quick test now to see if everything so far is all good.

    EDIT: Completed! Download the plugin by clicking download ^.^. If it needs to be more customisable then please tell me. (You'll see what I mean by customisable in the config file)

    Thanks, Walruski.

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