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Discussion in 'Resources' started by PreFiXAUT, Dec 22, 2014.

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    Hey everybody,

    I don't know about you, but I really dislike to save allot of Data. Because you need somehow a good Idea how to store them, but how? Which File-Format? What's the most efficient etc.

    And because of this, I made PreDB. PreDB is basicly a Collection (currently only one) with useful saving Ways. Right now it's still in a Beta/Dev Version, but I couldn't find any Problems yet. Of course I'm gonna update it, and I'll add more Stuff to it. So if you have any Ideas/Suggestions let me hear about it :)

    Currently I made the DBList, which is a advanced List. It can store Objects (Your Object need to implement a Interface first) and save them into a File. It's also able to load them again. And all you need to do, is calling the Method. Everything else is handled by the DBList.

    So if you wanna try it out:
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    Your "list" requires iteration of the entire collection and then insert? I recommend delegation.
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    @PreFiXAUT What would be the advantage of using this over YAML?
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    What is the advantage of this over any pre-existing alternatives? Like gson, yaml, sql, etc...
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    @teej107 @RingOfStorms It's not intended to replace any existing File-Formats or anything else, I just intended to create a List, which handles everything from the IO Part. So you don't need to care about how to store them (Am I gonna make a XML? Then I need a Header with Info, then a Data-Part etc.).

    You just simply use the save() method, and your Data is saved. No IO, no care about anything anymore basicly. You can work in your Project, focusing about important stuff and no need to thing about complicated File-Structures.

    @xTrollxDudex I'm sorry, I made this by my own without looking up anything, that was the once way I could think off. But I'll surely take a look into it, thx :)
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    UPDATE: Added a Map-Version (DBMap) and JSON-Format for both Files (More info in the Changelog on Github)
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    A good comparison for anyone looking at this resource, MySQL is to SQLite as MongoDB is to this
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    UPDATE, Version 1.0.0 (Official): Bugfixes, a bit of speed improvement and uses now Serializable instead of a custom interface.
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