Precious Stones plugin working for everyone except owner

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ponch, Mar 27, 2014.

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    I am the owner of a server and I am using Precious stones.

    Here are the permission nodes from the PermissionsEx plugin.yml file for owner:

    - roleplaychat.chucknorris
    - essentials.sethome.multiple.owner
    - '*'

    I basically have '*' other than the 2 nodes I specifically wanted to make sure of. And somehow, when I place protection blocks as I have set them, nothing happens. The field is not created.

    When any other user places the same blocks, it says City protection has been created and you can visualise the area and everything works fine.

    I would like to know why it doesn't recognize the protection blocks as I lay them down?

    Im using Minecraft 1.7.2 on a 1.7.2 server, and I just typed in /ver craftbukkit /ver bukkit /ver cb and I cant seem to find any information whatsoever on the version of Craft bukkit (you'd think they'd let you do a command to find that out like every other plugin in existence :(

    Anyway, I know the preciousstones config is setup fine as it is working for everyone else, and in the permissions side of things I am inheriting all the way down from the original default user so it could be something down the line, but the only permission nodes i've given are as follows:

    To everyone:
    - preciousstones.benefit.*
    - preciousstones.whitelist.*

    For admins and above:
    - preciousstones.admin.*
    - preciousstones.alert.*
    - preciousstones.bypass.*

    Please let me know if anything sticks out as an issue. Thanks guys, and btw anyone know how to use an in game command to check bukkit version?
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    JaguarJo Retired Staff

    ponch Okay so here's a copy of all the permission nodes that exist for PreciousStones:

    Essentially what you've done is given yourself every one of those nodes. So if I had to guess, I'd say that you want to negate preciousstones.override.* and preciousstones.blacklist . Also remember that with Pex, negated nodes need to go near the top of the permissions. If you put them after the '*' , they will not work.
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    Ok, thanks JaguarJo
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