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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Retourned, Apr 25, 2021.

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    My server has a open world, because of that a lot of chunks are being loaded by players flying around with jetpacks and such.

    The lag is being caused by the world saving automatically whenever new chunks are being loaded.
    Is there a plugin out there that pre-loads certain chunks in a world to prevent lag?
    Or is there anyone that can help me with this?

    Thanks in advance,

    Plugin category: world

    Minecraft version: 1.8.8

    Suggested name: PreLoadWorld

    What I want: This plugin needs to be able to keep certain chunks loaded inside a certain world so theres less lag being caused by people going around in an open world.
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    You are asking for a rather huge performance hitter,while yes flying and loading unloading chunks its meh,its much better than keeping all chunks in memory destroying ur server

    The chunks beside themself also keep track of entities and such so loading all the chunks at once will mean also loading everything else with it,you should just look into some faster chunk loading/unloading plugin
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    You can also try to use the plugin WorldBorder. When you set a border you can pre-fill the whole area server-sided so it won't take as much load. It does take a bit of space on your harddrive.
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    So many things to think about before generating a world...Seed? Etc, etc, etc!
    WorldBorder FTW. <3 Best generation operation for a reduced lag world?

    Whitelist server. Remove all plugins not required for world generation.
    Giant Trees, Giant Caves, Custom terrain/ores, Custom schematics etc?
    Dynmap while rendering also? U Crazy? I was... It took my hosted
    20gb ram server 2.5 days to render 12500x12500 radius massive terrain
    customisation. 100+ block high trees, loads (100s 1000s small schematics
    ExoticGarden + CustomStructures tree/ore schematics)
    Server had 7-10 TPS for the full 2.5 days and Dynmap took
    more than another whole day to catch up with the tile queue :D
    Done. Ty WorldBorder. Got ALL the lag bully stuff done.
    All I did was /wb survival fill 20 125 true

    With masses of chunk customisation and laggy giant trees/shadow updates etc?
    /gamerule randomtickspeed 300 before you generate so plants get a growth
    boost to age your world as chunks load and despawn invalid leaf blocks also?
    Get Clearlag to wipe all items (NOT villagers, chest_minecrats etc lol. SAFE config.yml first)
    every 2 yes 2 seconds for the entire time. This removes 1000s of entities
    like dropped saplings, blocks, items on the ground. Removes lag for
    those items before the chunk unloads so when a player arrives later there are none there.
    Make sure to look at spigot/paper chunk lighting updates cache so all lighting updates are not skipped.
    WorldGuard make sure zombies do not attack villagers while you load and render chunks.
    Fire spread is off etc. Now U maybe ready to flood fill out your existing world.

    Think first before you /wb survival fill 20 125 true
    (true forces chunk to load + all chunk updates to get done. 20 is the chunks per tick
    loaded and saved which is slow. 60 is fine with no custom terrain etc. 125 is the amount
    of blocks outside the border generated for visual effect.) Using false instead of true can
    result in poorly generated chunks. No lighting updates or other glitchy stuff but will
    cause WorldBorder to skip all chunks already saved. Avoid false if I were you.
    You can do it very slowly and not hurt your TPS. Done at non peak player times
    nobody would notice you even did it without havng to strip plugins and /whitelist on.
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