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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ReaperSala, Jun 19, 2021.

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    I am french and this language is a little hard for me so I will explicate speed.

    I would like do a plugin which give a effect of strong potion but not strong I or strong II but that the player has X% of strong more.

    Good day !
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    If you mean they get a X% multiplier to their strength, this is not possible to do with potion effects, since there is no such thing as strength 1.5, just strength I and strength II. However, you can still do this by using EntityDamageByEntityEvent and manually multiplying the amount of damage the player gets, if they're attacked with a player with strength:
    event.setDamage(event.getDamage() * 1.5));
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    If you plan on implementing your own system, I would recommend reading this page if you want a similar experience to vanilla.
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    Ohhh thanks ! You are really amazing, yours answers are perfects for me. I will try and I will come back if I struggle. Good day !
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