Filled Potion Swords Hit Enemys And Gives Them Effects

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    Hi! I am trying to find something like this all over the internet so i just came here to see if i can get some help from someone. I would like a plugin that involves hitting a player/mob with a sword and then they will get a potion effect on them but it will not effect you.

    The Command Will Be /potionsword create {Potion} {Potion Level} {Durtation}

    /potionsword list - potion list


    I would love a plugin like this so I can use this on my server during pvp. Thanks! [cake]

    Note: I have not got the plugin specifically the way i said above so i'm still looking for it.

    The reward for the plugin that is fully developed is 1 diamond sword sharpness 2 with a potion effect of choice and protection 3 diamond armor and 64 notch apples :D
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    I can do this! Will try and get this to you ina bit!
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    thanks so much hope to get it soon :D i will give you something in return just go on my server mc, when it is up
  4. Hey Little, have you got the plugin yet? If not, I'd be to do your plugin.
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    Interessant plugin !

    I need that, but can you make it so you can give that sword with essentials kit ?
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    I Have Not Got The Plugin Yet So Whoever Makes It First Will Get The Reward

    I Have Not Got The Plugin Yet

    Use Kit Master Instead I Doubt You Can Use Essentials Kits Sorry :(

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    I'll do this one
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    Would you like the effect to be on the sword they are using at the current moment or all swords they use?
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    Here ya go! (Config file is pretty straight forward.)
    /se or /swordeffect help
    /se reload (OP only)
    /se <1-22>
    sorry for the weird way I put it together, but just do /se help to see all the potion effects you can add (Both good and bad ones).
    Just hold the sword in hand and do /se <1-22> and you will receive defined effect with custom time and strength from the config added upon your sword. then just hit ppl :3
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    let me rephrase what im looking for:

    /swordeffect 1-22 [Seconds] [Amplifier] [SplashEffect True/False]

    And I Want It To Work On Mobs

    cool BUT its not working on mobs or vulnerable npcs

    only the sword there using like your suppose to add the effect to a specific sword

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    What do you mean by Splash Effect ?
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    like when the player/mob gets hit it shows the effect of the potion splash. not every time you hit them but whenever they DONT have the current potion effect applied
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    little_dude187 Please don't bump within 24 hours.
    What kind of reward?
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    i will give them a sharpness 4 diamond sword with any potion of choice + full Prot 4 armor and access to /fly and /chest
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    Wow what a deal!!!!!!!!
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    would you like something else?
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    If someone want's to make it they will do it for free, that's the beauty of this forum
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    so why the heck are you complaining about a reward
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    Didn't complain, I said "Wow what a deal"
  23. Hey little, I could do this for you but only with a few effects. List some effects you really need.
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    If you can do it with one, you can do it with all.
  25. The way I'm doing it is really bad, but works. k?
    cough arraylist and events cough
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    Copy and paste
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  28. That's the problem. I'm a bad coder or
    wtfisahashmap howthehelldoidothat
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    public Map<String, PotionType> effect = new HashMap<String, PotionType>();

    to add them to it:
    effect.put(p.getName(), PotionType.REGEN)

    to get there effect

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