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    Make alters with custom potion effects
    Alters was created by Infer7 and was developed and is used on our server. We wanted to be able to have each of our main cities to have an alter that people who belonged to the city could use.

    * Create alters that give players a customisable effect for a customisable amount of time.
    * Use commands to manually give players effects.
    * Only operators can use commands.
    * (Next release) Only towny residents can use a towns alter.

    * To create an alter, first stand where the alter block will be, and type the /createalter command.
    * To manually add an effect to a player, simply enter the /effect command.
    * Note: If no players are specified in /effect, it will assume that you are the target.

    * /createalter [Activation text] [effect] [Time]
    * /effect [player (optional)] [effect] [Time]

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    -Source can be decompiled from jars, until I get source uploaded.

    * To delete an alter, you must edit it out of the data file. This will have a command next release.
    * Eventually this will be linked with Towny, a self serve protection plugin.
    * Next release there will be a cooldown.
    * I am mainly releasing this because it was a pain to figure out how to apply these effects, source code is free to everybody.
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    Nice concept, are you going to add also some limitation system for effects/duration/alter count?
    Also, anyone can create an alter, or only mayor?
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    Methinks you mean "altars"?
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    I originally was going to use this correct spelling, Altars, but alters just kinda grew on me.

    I plan to link it with Towny so that mayors can submit alters to admins for confirmation.
    Also, there will be a configurable cooldown. Like is said: This is more so people can decompile the jar, and see how I applied the effects. Its annoying to figure out on your own.
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    Please add changelog and update to latest rb
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    In the original edit, I stated that this plugin was mainly so that coders could decompile it into source code to figure how to make these effects happen, or something of the such.
    You may move this thread to somewhere more appropriate if there is such a place, in fact I insist.
    PS: Anybody can use this code to continue, modify, or generally do whatever the hell you want to with it.
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    I'll call it a resource
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