Port Forwarding Gone Awry: I'm Not A Noob! D:

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Sayshal, Sep 30, 2013.

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    If any of you know me from when I was active on Bukkit, I'm usually the one helping, but unfortunately I need the help this time.

    So I want to have my own little MineCraft server for a few of my friends, hosting it on my own computer (yes, my 32GB RAM & 30/30 internet can handle 10-15 people.), but I've run into an embarrassing problem.

    I recently (last 6 months) bought a new router, so I'm still a bit new to it's settings, it's a Western Digital N600, and I've followed a few guides, but nothing seems to be working.

    The external IP is, with my personal computer's internal IP being a generic

    Now on my routers settings webpage (screenshot #1: http://imgur.com/QQXJXQD), you can see that I have (at least to my knowledge), port forwarded properly. Now, here are the things I have tried in addition to this, to no avail.

    1) Disabling firewall
    2) Rebooting router, modem, computer, server, all at once, etc.
    3) Tried different ports (25566, 25560, etc.)

    So, any help is awesome, thank's!
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    So basically your problem is that it says Can't Reach Server but you know you portforwarded it correctly. In server.properties go to server-ip= try putting your internal ip address plus port.
    So like
    Also make sure yur Window's Firewall is turned off when running the server
    When connecting yo your server try the address "localhost" and internalip+port.
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    Tried all of the above, forgot to mention in OP. I've run a locally hosted server before but the router was a crappy Airport Extreme, but the interface as simple as pressing new port -> reload router. So idk what's not working here.

    Yeah I put it on TCP and reset my router, looking at this website: http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/

    It's still closed on the external IP.

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    mazentheamazin For this thread, the fact that you have been hacked in the past or if you can hack is irrelevant. There's really not all that many issues with giving out your external IP, and majority of VPNs don't give you static/dedicated IPs, or enough speed to run a proper server. Also, you are implying you could boot him offline if you so wish, and therefore, further discussion of said topic will result in an infraction.

    Sayshal Would you like me to remove the offtopic posts, or do you feel they may help you or others in the future?
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    I will remove my offtopic posts.
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    Set up your internal IP (for ur network) as xxx.xxx.xxx.254 before port forwarding and make sure the port is forwarded to that address.
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    I don't mean to be rude but I don't see how this matters, in the sense that I know my IP is static (I have configured it to be so), and I have port forwarded it via my router settings, as the picture in the OP suggests. I have already done what you have suggested.

    Jade sure, that'd be great.
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    In that first image in yur first post. You have selected All. Does that mean TCP and UDP
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    Yes, and I have also tried with just TCP and with just UDP (restarting my router manually each time.)
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    Did you try connecting to the server with your external ip address(also if putting the ip in server-ip= doesn't work then leave it blank). Or could an antivirus firewall block the connection?
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    Again, please refer to my original post. I've tried all of these things.

    Thank you for you help, but as I said in my original post, I'm not your average new-to-bukkit user trying to get someone to do everything for them, I've run multiple MC servers over the past two years, the only reason I'm here is because I've tried all the ways I know.

    Nobody has, unfortunately, suggested anything I haven't already tried.
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    Let's start at the begining.

    1. Start by setting server-ip to blank ( server-ip= ), make sure you're using the default port, and restart the server.
    2. Can you connect from the same PC using localhost or ?
    3. Can you connect from another PC on your LAN using ?

    If the answer to 2 is no, there is a problem with your server.

    If the answer to 3 is no, either the IP address is wrong (did you double-check that's what the server PC is actually using?) or there's a firewall in the way.

    Answer those, then we'll continue with port forwarding.
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    1. Done
    2. Yes
    3. No - "localhost", "" and "" didn't work.

    I have Windows Defender & Kaspersky disabled while doing this... :S
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    That means it's not a port forwarding problem.

    Are both computers connected via a wired connection? That usually connects to an Ethernet switch built-in to the router, and doesn't do any filtering, blocking, etc. However, if either computer is connected wirelessly, the router could have "guest network" settings blocking intra-LAN connectons. If this is the case, make sure you're connecting via the regular wireless access.

    Make sure you don't have any firewall or MAC filtering set up in the router under the Security settings.

    Also verify that is the correct IP address. Sometimes they change without you realizing it. (I know you said it's static, but check it with ipconfig anyway.)
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    ipconfig still shows right IP.
    We're both connected via LAN.
    No MAC filtering, no firewall. :/
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    Can you at least ping each computer from the other?
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    Yes. :p

    Now you see why I made the thread, I don't understand what's going on.
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    I'm running out of ideas. If you do telnet 25565 does it establish a connection or does it timeout?

    I'm still thinking firewall problems.
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    Do you add the ports on the end of the external ip? e.g: 23.533.242.321:25565? if u are try it without the ports!
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    I never use the ports on 25565...
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    Then why are you forwarding 25565?
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    No, I mean I never type the port when joining a server, since it's default there's no need.
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    I didnt just mean 25565, other ports aswell, if you add ports to the end just take them away, might work
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