[Poll] Will you use Bukkit Plugin Studio? (for developers)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Killie01, Dec 6, 2011.


Would u use?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe

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    I followed the discussion and you'r always saying, that you'r ...
    But honestly, I think a lot of your features are not helpful to new developers. Auto - generated code for example doesn't explain anything and will achieve the opposite.
    Or "party programming". Why would any new developer need this?

    Those a features for advanced programmers, but as you can tell by the feedback they won't use your IDE.
    I think you'r not aiming towards your goal here.

    Another point is, that imho it's not a good idea to start with a bukkit project without having written at least a small 'hello world' in java. Therefore, most ppl will already have installed Netbeans or Eclipse an gained a bit experience with it, since a lot of the tutorials are based on those IDEs.

    Last thing is:
    I can't see why this would be an advantage for an IDE? It's like releasing a lightweight photoshop version 'for jpg only'. Why would you want this?
    Isn't the goal to have all your projects at one place?

    And just to make it clear, this is no whining! We just don't want to see you guys disappointed, realizing you only got 10 downloads, after working on this project so hard for more than 2 months.

    btw: Feel free to improve my English via pm =)
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    Then someone comes along and invents Trillian, and your point becomes invalid. :)
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    I like how you use a bad example and missed the point.
    Carry on.
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    Well, the point is they're not trying to develop an IDE that is a 'standard', they're trying to develop an IDE that is very specific and has only the features necessary for developing with Bukkit. This could, theoretically, provide an easier learning process for new developers that have no idea what an IDE is or how to use it in the first place, and by keeping it to only the features necessary and providing good, simple documentation, you can avoid the "That-first-time-I-opened-photoshop-and-went-WTF!" syndrome.
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    this, as it may not be easy for new people actually

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    although he has a point, that doesn't mean people won't use it...
  7. Nope. Cannot personally see it reaching a level comparable to Eclipse.
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    you've taken a heavy dose of denial, be careful you don't overdose. listen to those around you, they're not as stupid as you might think. although one or two people will use it, does that really justify this? no, you'll get bored of this project in no time, stop updating it, and those two people will go back to normal IDEs because yours won't work well anymore. if you're trying to benefit the community, just make a plugin for a popular IDE.
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    Another approach that is much more likely to be useful for beginners as well as developers would be a connector for cloud ide (www.cloud-ide.com) to a running bukkit server with JRebel style hot code injection.

    Live editing the code running on a server from a browser based ide would be pretty useful, and could be beginner friendly due to instant feedback.
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    You're just delaying their inevitable entry to the world of IDEs. It's like spoiling a kid then shipping them to the wilderness, the best way for them to learn, is to use an IDE. Because the second they are done with their little "Hello world!", they have to go to an IDE. And don't say you'll add more, because you have said, many times, it is for simple developers and plugins.

    Also, as a graphics artist, I plead you not to use the DotNet skin. It is the most abused interface, ever (besides the Comic Sans font.) Also, do you even have a license for it? And if everyone around you are saying the same thing (although it doesn't always make it right), you should listen to it and just not be ignorant and deny it.
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